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Below please find a list of Magento 1-ready extensions by Aitoc.
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Ultimate Warehouse Management for Magento

Ultimate Warehouse Management

–°reate an unlimited number of warehouses and easily manage their stock.

$ 499
Custom Product Preview for Magento

Custom Product Preview

A must-have designer tool for any Magento store that sells products with user-added text or images.

39 reviews
$ 125
Advanced Permissions for Magento

Advanced Permissions

Easily give and manage permissions to sub-admins of your Magento store.

67 reviews
$ 169
Orders Export and Import for Magento

Orders Export and Import for Magento

A flexible utility for exporting/importing Orders and Customer data in Magento.

25 reviews
$ 129
Configurable Products Pro for Magento

Configurable Products Pro

Generate simples for configurable products on the fly. Unlimited attributes!

13 reviews
$ 125
Shop by Brand for Magento

Shop by Brand

Allow customers to shop by brand (Manufacturer or any other selectable attribute) in your Magento store.

40 reviews
$ 99
Checkout Fields Manager for Magento

Checkout Fields Manager

Provide a custom-tailored registration & checkout experience in Magento.

38 reviews
$ 99
Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro for Magento

Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro

Recover lost sales with automatic and responsive abandoned cart emails in Magento.

26 reviews
$ 99
Multi-Location Inventory for Magento

Multi-Location Inventory

One Magento installation - multiple websites, each with its own inventory and warehouse.

13 reviews
$ 275
Magento Layered Navigation Pro for Magento

Magento Layered Navigation Pro

Flexible layered navigation that makes browsing your store super-easy and fast.

23 reviews
$ 129
Full Page Cache for Magento

Full Page Cache for Magento

Make your Magento store load super-fast with this essential extension from Aitoc.

59 reviews
$ 99
Pre-Orders for Magento


Mark in-stock or out-of-stock Magento product as available for Pre-Order in your store.

24 reviews
$ 89
Visualize Your Attributes - Magento Color Swatches for Magento

Visualize Your Attributes - Magento Color Swatches

Impress your customers and boost sales with stunningly visual attributes.

6 reviews
$ 89
All-In-One Checkout for Magento

All-In-One Checkout

Do anything you want with Magento checkout: merge, remove or extend checkout steps as needed.

10 reviews
$ 147
Custom Options Templates for Magento

Custom Options Templates

Create products in Magento with the same or similar custom options a lot faster.

18 reviews
$ 99
Product Review Booster for Magento

Product Review Booster

Reinforce your marketing with timely review requests and top reviews displayed in your Magento store.

26 reviews
$ 99
Gift Registry for Magento

Gift Registry

Turn customers into your sales managers by allowing them to create unlimited gift lists in Magento.

16 reviews
$ 99
One-Page Checkout Booster for Magento

One-Page Checkout Booster

Reduce your Magento store's exit rates by distilling six checkout steps to one.

29 reviews
$ 99
Custom Order Number Pro for Magento

Custom Order Number Pro

Set custom numbers for Orders, Invoices, Shipments or Credit Memos in Magento.

22 reviews
$ 79
Delivery Date Plus for Magento

Delivery Date Plus

Manage delivery schedules conveniently in Magento. Let customers leave comments when they order a delivery.

12 reviews
$ 75
Configurable Checkout for Magento

Configurable Checkout

Remove unnecessary checkout steps in Magento. Improve UX by letting your customers check out quicker.

11 reviews
$ 69
Cost Based Pricing for Magento

Cost Based Pricing

Base your pricing off product costs by automatically adding cost percentage or a fixed figure to them.

3 reviews
$ 89
Smart Reports for Magento

Smart Reports

Get all the in-depth Magento analytics you need, whenever you need them.

7 reviews
$ 79
Product Units and Quantities for Magento

Product Units and Quantities

Introduce custom measurement units to Magento (e.g. a dozen eggs) and sell your products by these units.

9 reviews
$ 79
Admin Email Notifications for Magento

Admin Email Notifications

Get notified about key events in a Magento store: new orders, customers, reviews, subscribers, etc.

3 reviews
$ 59
vBulletin Integration for Magento

vBulletin Integration

Incorporate vBulletin forum software seamlessly into your Magento store.

5 reviews
$ 125
Shopping Cart Editor for Magento

Shopping Cart Editor

Make it easy for customers to edit product details right in shopping cart without leaving the cart page.

8 reviews
$ 69
Extra Fee / Gift Wrap for Magento

Extra Fee / Gift Wrap

A Magento extension that allows you to charge extra for services like gift wrap, speedy delivery, etc.

1 review
$ 69
Custom Options for Grouped Products for Magento

Custom Options for Grouped Products

Use custom options for grouped products - ideal for grouped products that come in different modifications.

2 reviews
$ 69
Loyalty Program for Magento

Loyalty Program

Reward Magento customers for remaining your clients or spending big within a certain period of time.

3 reviews
$ 79
True AJAX Navigation Filter for Magento

True AJAX Navigation Filter

Speed up Magento default browsing - with SEO-friendly and lightning fast True AJAX navigation filter.

2 reviews
$ 75
Front-End Editor for Magento

Front-End Editor

A convenient tool that lets you edit products, blocks and pages front-end in Magento.

3 reviews
$ 69
E-mail Templates Manager for Magento

E-mail Templates Manager

Ensure correct encoding of your Magento emails & get them past spam folders with plain-text versions.

8 reviews
$ 69
Shopping Assistant for Magento

Shopping Assistant

Help customers quickly find what they need with a series of smart questions asked by a virtual assistant.

4 reviews
$ 119
Grocery List for Magento

Grocery List

Make it easy for customers to re-order the same items in your Magento store with a 'grocery list'.

1 review
$ 109
Individual Promotions for Magento

Individual Promotions

Assign a coupon or a discount rule to a hand-picked group of customers in Magento.

2 reviews
$ 79
Product Matrix for Magento

Product Matrix

Automatically generate simples for configurable products based on 2 attributes.

5 reviews
$ 69
Server Load Monitor for Magento

Server Load Monitor

Effectively monitor Magento server load peaks and get notified about website outages or slowdowns.

$ 89
Customers Who Purchased for Magento

Customers Who Purchased

Sell more by showing clients related products according to a smart logic in Magento.

2 reviews
$ 79
Enhanced Order Filter for Magento

Enhanced Order Filter

Get 2 new filtering options in Magento Orders grid: sort orders by SKU or by product name.

2 reviews
$ 59
Useful Downloads for Magento

Useful Downloads

Easily add free files such as PDFs to a Magento product for customers to download.

5 reviews
$ 50
Custom Registration Fields for Magento

Custom Registration Fields

Add custom fields to account registration form in Magento.

4 reviews
$ 59
Shop by Bestsellers for Magento

Shop by Bestsellers

Influence your customers purchasing decision by showing bestselling products in your store.

$ 75
Splash Page for Magento

Splash Page

Block access to selected content in Magento and make visitors accept your conditions before they proceed.

1 review
$ 59