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Two-Factor Authentication for Magento 2

Two-Factor Authentication for Magento 2
  • Adding extra authentication step
  • Enabling time-based authentication
  • Producing one-time passwords with mobile app
  • Imposing IP restrictions
  • Email delivery of one-time passwords
  • Configuring extension for different users
Compatible with
Community 2.0.x - 2.2.x
  • 1. Free lifetime updates
  • 2. Free email support
  • 3. 30-day money back
QtyYou can use this extension on one live Magento host and unlimited test hosts.

How Magento 2 Two-Factor Authentication Works

Arm your Magento store with the extra layer of security to protect it against unauthorized access. Leverage Magento 2 Two-Factor Authentication to safeguard sensitive customer data and your assets. Strictly control access to the admin panel by introducing the second authentication step that involves entering a unique one-time 6-digit password each time users log in to their accounts.

Request One-Time Passwords to Ensure Secure Access

Make the login process secure as never before with Magento 2 Two-Factor Authentication. With the extension, users must enter an additional one-time password to access their accounts.

Use Secure Authentication App

Utilize Google Authenticator, the most reliable authentication solution, to generate one-time passwords. Sync it with the module by entering a secret key or scanning a barcode.

Generate One-Time Passwords with Ease

Effortlessly produce one-time passwords with Google Authenticator when you log in to the Magento admin panel. Please note that such passwords are valid for 30 seconds.

Grant Access to Admin Panel to Only Trustworthy IPs

Mitigate the risk of cybercrime by adding reliable IP addresses to the whitelist. Be sure that only visitors with trustworthy IPs can access the admin panel of your ecommerce store.

Receive Emails with One-Time Passwords

Request Magento 2 Two-Factor Authentication to send you an email with a one-time password if it is more convenient for you. The extension uses email addresses specified in the User Info.

Manage Authentication Settings per User Role

You can choose whether users need to enter one-time passwords. Configure authentication settings for each user individually. Enable and disable the second authentication step.

Why Use Magento 2 Two-Factor Authentication?

Secure your admin panel by ensuring that only authorized users can access it.

Make the login process more secure, and keep it simple for users.

Thwart brute-force attacks and hacks by adding one more authentication step.

Shelter your store data from sniffers by whitelisting trusted IP addresses.

Utilize one-time passwords generated just for you.

This extension is easy to configure and use, with its settings being configured per user role.

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4 Customer Reviews

  • Raj,
    Jun 1, 2018

    I like that i can use email only for two step authentication, this is what i was looking for. we don’t need google app, we need to authenticate via email only without google app. with this extension i can have that option.

  • Sergey,
    May 20, 2018

    Simple and lightweight solution, very easy to set up and use. Thanks Aitoc!

  • NeonBlack,
    Mar 6, 2018

    I found this extension when I was looking for ip whitelisting feature. That's exactly what I prefer to keep my admin panel secure, and the module provides just that. I'm satisfied.

  • Jess Pinchman,
    Feb 17, 2018

    I like this solution, it was easy to set up. Aitoc team was kind to help me with my ip whitelisting, although i decided not to use it in the end.

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