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Advanced Permissions for Magento 2

Advanced Permissions for Magento 2
Give different levels of permissions to sub-admin users of your Magento 2 panel. Limit access on the Store View, Website or Category level. Prevent sub-admins from deleting products.
Compatible with
Community 2.1.x
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QtyYou can use this extension on one live Magento host and unlimited test hosts.
Advanced Permissions for Magento 1

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Why Use Advanced Permissions for Magento 2

  1. Control Magento 2 panel access by Website.
  2. Control Magento 2 panel access by Store View / Category.
  3. Show just the data available to the sub-admin in Dashboard.
  4. Show just the Customers from the available Website.
  5. Prevent sub-admin from deleting any products.

This extension is also available for Magento 1.x.x.

To see what it does, watch this video demo

Advanced Permissions for M2 Features

  1. Extend the default Role tab with 2 new menus: Advanced Permissions: Access & Advanced Permissions: Settings.
  2. In Advanced Permissions: Access, restrict panel access by Website / Store View / Category.
  3. You can choose one and the same category (e.g. Xerox) in multiple Store Views.
  4. In Advanced Permissions: Settings, control Role permission settings.
  5. You can change the setting per Role or globally.
  6. Prevent sub-admins from deleting products, images & categories.
  7. Prevent sub-admins from updating Global attributes.
  8. Restrict the management of Orders, Invoices, Shipments.
  9. Restrict the editing of products and product categories.
  10. Allow to manage the CMS tabs of the available scope only.
  11. Show just the customers from the available Website.
  12. Show just the data from the available scope in Dashboard.
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+ stands for new feature added
* stands for bugfix

October 26, 2017 (ver. 1.2.0)

* Fixed an issue with scope on categories page;
* Fixed an issue with a view of categories tree for sub-admins;
* Fixed an issue with attribute saving by sub-admin;
* Fixed an issue with online customers displaying;
* Fixed an issue in DataProvider;
* Fixed an issue with role deleting;
* Fixed an issue with product editing by sub-admin when setting ‘Allow to update global attributes’ is ‘No’;
* Fixed an issue with product assign to website when creating by sub-admin;
* Fixed an issue with product assign to a category which not included in sub-admin scope;
* Fixed an issue with unassign to website(s) when editing product by sub-admin;
* Fixed an issue with customers restriction when placing order through the admin panel by sub-admin.

October 12, 2016 (ver. 1.1.2)

* Fixed the role settings saving issue when admin password entered is incorrect.

September 23, 2016 (ver. 1.1.1)

* Fixed the issue when sub-admin restricted by store view can't create and enable a product;
* Fixed the error when saving a product attribute with type dropdown.

July 22, 2016 (ver. 1.1.0)

* Extension is compatible with Magento 2.1.
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