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Configurable Products Pro for Magento 2

Configurable Products Pro for Magento 2
Create all the simple associated products you need (with pre-defined parameters) in one go! A new table is added to every configurable product where you can conveniently manage associated simple products.
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Configurable Products Pro for Magento 2

  1. Quick simple associated product generation.
  2. Easy management of configurable products.
  3. The ability to pre-define simple product parameters prior to generation.

This extension is also available for Magento 1.x.x.

To see what it does, watch this video demo:

Planned Features

  1. Generate simple associated products on the fly.
  2. Pre-define product parameters before hitting “Generate” (Weight, Qty, Status, Visibility & Stock Availability).
  3. Work with any number of attributes of a configurable.
  4. Work with configurable products created before the extension’s installation.
  5. The extension’s code is 100% open source.

The Table of Simples

The extension adds a new table to every configurable product in your Magento 2 store where you can edit simple associated products that belong to this configurable.

  1. See a configurable products’ associated simples at a glance.
  2. Easily delete any simples you don’t need.
  3. Edit simple associated products at any time.
  4. Change these settings per simple product: name, price, SKU, weight, availability, quantity, visibility and status.
  5. Re-generate the table of simples as often as you need to.
  6. Get alerted about duplicate simples, and keep or delete them.
  7. The changes you make are mirrored in the native “Associated Products” tab of a configurable.
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