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Custom Order Number Pro for Magento 2

Custom Order Number Pro for Magento 2
  • Easy changing of custom sales docs’ IDs
  • Flexible numbering settings configuration
  • Customizable ID look
  • Different ID formats
  • A set of custom variables
Compatible with
Community 2.1.x - 2.2.x
  • 1. Free lifetime updates
  • 2. Free email support
  • 3. 30-day money back

15 years experience

3023 Reviews from happy clients

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30 Day Moneyback

Enjoy Great Flexibility in Sales Document IDs with Custom Order Number

Introduce a new sales document numbering practice to your Magento 2 store with Custom Order Number.

Set custom IDs for orders, invoices, shipping documents, and credit memos to manage your sales doc numbering in a convenient way and comply with legal requirements.

Easy setup of unique IDs

Manageable length

Extensive set of variables

Custom variables available for use

Custom IDs for Sales Documents

  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Shipment records
  • Credit memos

Setting Custom Sales Document Numbering

  • Custom IDs can be applied to all the sales docs or just specific document types
  • Unique document ID formats
  • Multi-store environment support. E.g., different order IDs for each store view
  • Automatic duplicates check
  • Ability to reset the counter automatically coming soon!

Managing Sales Document IDs’ Look

  • Customizable ID length
  • Elements can be put in any order
  • Custom suffixes, prefixes, and postfixes
  • Ability to combine numbers with letters and symbols (hyphens and underscores)

Applying Different Numbering Formats

  • Having an option to randomize sales document numbering
  • Numbering can be started from the pre-defined number
  • Custom variables are available
  • Ability to switch back to the default Magento format anytime

Choosing from Different Variables

  • Store code
  • Random numbers
  • Counter
  • Date (a day, month, and year)

Custom Order Number Benefits

  1. Your competitors and buyers won’t be able to estimate your approximate sales volume
  2. Sales doc IDs become more informative with custom prefixes, postfixes, etc.
  3. Your Magento installation can be seamlessly integrated with the third-party software that uses other sales doc IDs
  4. Your store’s compliance with legal requirements for sales document numbering (e.g., invoice numbering requirements) is guaranteed
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