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Custom Product Designer for M2

Custom Product Designer for M2 for Magento
Boost your sales and drive customer loyalty by allowing your customers to create unique custom designs in your Magento 2 store. Outline the editable area and let them add text, images or clip arts to any of the products you offer. 
Compatible with
Community 2.1.x - 2.2.x
  • 1. Free updates for 6 months
  • 2. Free email support
  • 3. 30-day money back
QtyYou can use this extension on one live Magento host and unlimited test hosts.
Custom Product Designer for Magento 1

15 years experience

3023 Reviews from happy clients

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30 Day Moneyback

How Magento 2 Custom Product Designer works 

Every customer is looking for an exclusive, individually designed product. Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 brings the idea to life! Just select the products available for customization, set a special price and it’s all done. Customers can use ready-made clip arts from a library created by you, or upload their own images and add any text, adjusting fonts and designs as per their own taste.

How to enable product customization?

  1. Select products that can be customized by buyers
  2. Upload product images from shot from different angles
  3. Outline the number of printable areas customers can edit
  4. Set up a special price for products with custom design
  5. Upload font families and clip arts
  6. Get SVG files with high-quality pictures of your customers' designs

CPD – your ultimate sales tool!

The extension supports the repeat purchase option, encouraging your customers to buy from you again. Get more customers and sales with individually designed products!

Customers are able to:

  1. Upload images of any type and size, or choose clip arts from a prebuilt library.
  2. Use multiple areas for customization (several images or text objects can be added to the same product) 
  3. Flip images and clip arts horizontally or vertically. 
  4. Format text objects (color, font, size etc.)
  5. Add shadows to objects.   
  6. Rotate, resize, or bring objects to front/back.


  1. Customize the look and feel of the products you sell 
  2. Give a touch of exclusiveness to your products
  3. Simplify customization process

With CPD any product can be customized according to the needs of your customer. For example, for one of our clients, the Golf Academy, we implemented a mechanism of configurable golf equipment , such as golf sticks and other gear. As the result, sticks now can be tailored precisely to a particular golf player according to his or hers height, lead hands, playing habits, shape etc. All these parameters can be customized just for a golf stick, imagine the variety of options available for other golf gear. 

If the products you sell consist of different materials, you may think it’s hardly possible to make high-quality prints on them. We are excited to inform you that with our extension you can engrave on metal or print on fabric simply by adding multiple customizable areas on products. Get a quote for this special option.

Custom Product Preview for Magento 1 has been successfully used for initials printing and engravings. Adding exclusive prints and individual designs to a product makes it way more personalized and valuable, and so, more expensive.

It goes without saying that the majority of buyers would like to have unique products designed exclusively for them. With these buyers being ready to pay a little bit more for the exclusiveness, you get a great chance to increase your revenue at lower costs. 

Have you ever had a huge order for custom team apparel, when you had to spend tons of time adding designs on every gear item? We’re pretty sure you did.

But your problem is now solved! Our extension makes it easy to add any number of players’ names and numbers on clothing and merchandise. Say, you need to create customized gear for a hockey team. With every player (and there are usually 20-25 of them!) having a name and number, creating every item manually would take forever. Our module will accelerate this process by times, allowing you to create a spreadsheet with numbers and names of each hockey player. With the help of this feature, you will get customized gear for each team member in just a few steps.

If you’re looking for a convenient tool to create corporate identity items, Custom Product Designer is right the one you need. The extension offers you an easy way to brand your corporate products, be it business cards, mugs, pens, notebooks or any other thing. The process is the same as in case of team apparel customization - just upload your logo and add it to the products you want to brand. Yes, it’s really as simple as that!


3 Customer Reviews

  • Nicolas,
    Sep 18, 2017

    I used Aitoc extension for my Magento 1 store before. Then I migrated to Magento 2 and waited for the release for a month. This extension definitely worth every penny I spent.

  • Artem,
    Sep 13, 2017

    Great extension, I like "multi layers" functionality

  • Alex,
    Jul 6, 2017

    can you please inform me when thi extension will be available to download thanks

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Change log

Ver. 1.2.0 - Released November 16, 2017

Added possibility to reset all customization changes in one click;
Added preview thumbnails for product images;
Added loading screen for customization's final saving process.

Ver. 1.1.0 - Released October 20, 2017

Added compatibility with Magento Open Source 2.2;
Added possibility to make custom product design options required;
Added possibility to deny distortion of objects;
Added possibility to limit text length;
Improved fonts upload;
Improved clip arts upload;
Improved structure of downloadable archive;
Original images used for a custom product design option are now added to downloadable archive;
Fixed an issue with the ‘Customize your pictures and areas’ setting when there are no product images assigned to a thumbnail role;
Fixed an issue with the responsive design;
Fixed a design issue for a product with a custom option;
Fixed an issue with adding a product to cart with an empty custom product design option;
Fixed an issue with the overall price displaying incorrectly when it is enabled and set to 0;
Fixed an issue with duplicates of images in downloadable archive containing custom product design when an order contains a configurable product;
Fixed an issue with downloading the archive with custom product design from invoice or shipment page;
Fixed an issue with renaming of the ‘Custom Product Design’ button;
Fixed an issue with image slider on mobile devices;
Fixed an issue with deletion of text objects while editing in the canvas;
Fixed an issue with intersecting printable areas;
Fixed an issue with distortion of printable area borders when resizing printable area.

Ver. 1.0.0 - Released September 12, 2017

The extension is out of beta!

Ver. 0.9.0 - Released September 7, 2017

Fixed an issue with the indexing;
Fixed an issue with configuration of content design.

Ver. 0.8.0 - Released August 30, 2017

Added support of configurable products;
Fixed an issue with setting up an additional area when touching the first area;
Adapted a size of preview pop up;
Fixed an issue with opening bundle/grouped products;
Fixed an issue with editing cpd option;
Fixed an issue with adding a product to the cart when an object isn't added to a first image;
Fixed an issue with assign simple products to configurable, bundle and grouped products.

Ver. 0.2.1 - Released August 21, 2017

Fixed compilation issues.

Ver. 0.2.0 - Released August 18, 2017

Added a feature of preview display on the order page in customer accounts;
Fixed the issue with stretching editable area in any direction on the product page;
Fixed the issue with preview display in shopping cart on the frontend;
Fixed the issue with preview display on the order page on the admin side;
Fixed the issue with preview display in shopping cart dropdown on the frontend.

Ver. 0.1.9 - Released August 11, 2017

Beta-version is available.
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