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Multi-Location Inventory for Magento 2

Split the inventory in a multi-vendor Magento 2 store. Keep track of in-stock and low-stock items on the Website level.
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Multi-Location Inventory for Magento 2

  1. Easily split the inventory between multiple Websites within one installation.
  2. See low-stock reports reports per vendor / Website.
  3. Use the “default inventory” for items available in all Websites.

How This Works

The Multi-Location Inventory extension for M2 allows you to manage the inventory for multiple Websites separately within one Magento installation.

Let's say you have multiple vendors and each vendor has their own Website. The module creates a separate inventory-tracking system (on top of the default Magento index) for each Website.

To get a better idea, watch this video demo (the Magento 1.x.x version).

Planned Features

  1. Manage Magento 2 inventory separately for each Website.
  2. See low-stock reports per Website.
  3. Get a report with low-stock items across all Websites.
  4. Use the default inventory for items common to all Websites.
  5. Mass-update inventory attributes on the Website level.
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