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Magento Upgrade Service

Improve your Magento store’s security, speed and performance by upgrading to a higher version. By hiring Aitoc, you get a quick and seamless upgrade without interrupting your store operation.
Magento Upgrade Service
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Upgrading Magento is simple - if you leave it to us

So, you have decided to upgrade your Magento to a higher version. That’s great news! An upgrade often means tighter security, better speed and new capabilities for your Magento store.

However, how do you upgrade smoothly and securely, without interrupting the work of your website? Here is when hiring an experienced company works best.

By leaving it to Aitoc, you can get your Magento store upgraded absolutely trouble-free. At the same time, your website stays live throughout the upgrade.

Improved speed, security and functionality

If you order a Magento upgrade service from us, it’s natural that you would like to know what is included into the package.

We have prepared a detailed explanation of the work we do, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Security Patches. We will install the latest versions of any security patches Magento recommends having at the moment of the upgrade.

Theme Migration. We will migrate the theme installed in your Magento store to the upgraded website. Please note that your theme should be compatible with the version of Magento you're upgrading to. If it is not, we will ask you to get the required theme version from your theme provider.

Database upgrade. We will perform an upgrade of your Magento database including your customer base, orders, products and other components.

Extensions upgrade. We will do an inventory of any Magento extensions installed in your website. Please note that all extensions you wish to keep should be compatible with the version of Magento you're upgrading to.

If we find any extensions (including Aitoc modules) that are not compatible, we will ask you to get/purchase the latest versions, which we'll install for free.

Conflict resolution. We will check the upgraded versions of Magento for conflicts in extensions (including third-party plugins) and produce a report of any conflicts discovered.

Please note that unlimited resolution of conflicts is not included into the upgrade base package, as this would have inflated its price exponentially. On your consent, we can provide you with a free quote on fixing any such conflicts individually. Sometimes a decision to remove or replace an extension is made.

QA testing. At each stage of the upgrade process (described below), we will test the reserve copy of your website on our test server. You will be granted access to our test environment as well, so you will be able to test and see things for yourself.

Warranty. Each Magento upgrade comes with a 3 months warranty. The warranty may not be valid if you make changes to the code of your website after we perform the upgrade, and the problem is obviously related to those changes.

Magento Upgrade Procedure

We have an internal checklist and a process/ methodology in place which we use to perform the upgrade. Without going into too much detail, here is what we do:

Copy Website. We will create a local copy of your entire Magento store on our server. You will be granted around-the-clock access to it as well.

Upgrade to Intermediary Version. If you are upgrading from a rather old version, we will upgrade your store to an intermediary version of Magento first. For instance, if your current version is 1.4.x, we will first upgrade to 1.6.x before moving on to 1.9.x.

Test & Fix. After each upgrade stage, we will thoroughly test your Magento installation and will fix any bugs that arise. You will be able to test and play around with the test copy of your upgraded store as well.

Upgrade to Final Version. After an upgrade to an intermediary version of Magento is complete and all bugs have been fixed, we will upgrade your store to the final desired version of Magento.

Test & Fix. Again, we will test this version on the mirror copy of your website and will fix any bugs we encounter. We will also let you know about any extension or customization conflicts that we discover.

Sync with Website. Finally, when everything is working correctly, we will discuss with you the best time to sync the upgraded version of your store with your live website. We recommend picking a time of minimum activity on your website.

Upgrade your 1.x Magento to Magento 2

To upgrade your Magento 1.x to Magento 2 please contact us to get a personalized quote.

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