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Ultimate Warehouse Management

Ultimate Warehouse Management for Magento
Flexible and hassle-free warehouse management process made easy. Create an unlimited number of warehouses and take full control over every aspect of their operation, starting from warehouse selection to stock management.
Compatible with
Community 1.4.x - 1.9.3.x
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QtyYou can use this extension on one live Magento host and unlimited test hosts.


Flexibility is what makes Ultimate Warehouse Management so effective and easy-to-use. No matter how complicated the warehousing system is, the extension can implement it on Magento. With its flexible rules engine, Ultimate Warehouse Management allows working on all levels (global, website, store view) and provides the opportunity to easily expand as your business grows.

Ultimate Warehouse Management Capabilities

  1. Specify warehouses priority for situations when conditions are equal.
  2. Send low stock e-mail notifications to managers by cron to avoid out of stock situations.
  3. Set limitless conditions for warehouses’ selecting.
  4. Select exceptions for using an alternative warehouse.
  5. Create and edit warehouses in Warehouses grid.
  6. Show warehouses in product and order grids.
  7. Assign any amount of store views and customer groups to warehouses.
  8. Set low and safety stock for all products in the warehouse or for any product individually.
  9. Check low stock items for all websites at once in low stock grid.
  10. Allow products from different warehouses to be used in the same order.


The compelling option is specifically designed for cases, when none of the warehouses meets order requirements or when the amount of products needed is not enough. chooseto be All the required exceptions can be specified in the General settings section.

Creation of warehouses

  1. Assign customer groups and store views to warehouses
  2. Set conditions or their combinations for orders which will be used to select a warehouse
  3. Specify priority if conditions of several warehouses are equal
  4. Add any amount of conditions and parameters for warehouses
  5. Configure low and safety stock on the warehouse level
  6. Enter the warehouse code and manage stock through REST API and SOAP API v.1

Low stock and safety stock

Ultimate Warehouse Management allows to set product stock options, including low stock (the minimum amount of products required) and safety stock (the optimal amount required). With the ability to view all the low-stock products in a special grid, you get to manage them better and so avoid product shortages.
When a product approaches the critical level, automatic notifications with detailed info on how many products to reorder, as well as the amount of items in stock, will be sent to all the warehouses.


  1. Create any amount of warehouses and store views
  2. Eliminate errors and backorders
  3. The constant availability of products for regular customers
  4. Never meet the out of stock situation

No matter how complex the system of warehouses is, the extension can implement it in Magento. You may have 4 stores in the USA, 2 in Europe, 3 in Canada etc. and create any amount of warehouses for them in the system.

Errors and back orders in the warehouses negatively affect the sales level. Thus, the sound work of the warehouses is the goal number one for all entrepreneurs.

What if your warehouse management system will be flexible and will overcome ambiguous conditions or adapt to changing circumstances.

For example, you have two warehouses one of them is assigned only to Private Sales Members in the USA (1) and another one also in the USA but assigned to Wholesalers (2). It can be so, that shoes are out of stock in the 1, but there are in the 2. So, excepting the customer group condition, the extension redirects the order (private sales members, USA) to the 2 warehouse (wholesalers, USA).

So, if you want the system selects a warehouse anyway, you should specify parameters that will be ignored (in the general settings). All in all, if not even one of the warehouses fully meets the conditions, the extension excepting selected conditions will be able to select a warehouse.

If regular customers bring the main profit to your store, you are highly concerned about providing them with pleasant customer experience. Especially, if they buy in bulk, you exactly know how many items should be in stock. Let me expand upon that a bit.

If you have, for instance, stationary stores and exactly know that every Wednesday 5 customers order 100 pencils, 100 blocks of paper and 500 punch pockets.So, the main part of the stock is for these regular customers. Hence, every Wednesday pencils, blocks of paper and punch pockets should be in stock for them.

In warehouse settings you assign a particular warehouse to regular customers, where products they buy will be always in stock.

Using our extension you never meet the situation when some products are out of stock or overstocked.

First of all, specify only two points, low stock and safety stock, for the extension to count how many products to re-order. Orienting on this data the extension sent alerts to managers in warehouses and offer them the list of numbers.

Knowing when to re-order, and how much to re-order admins have fewer chances to make a mistake. In addition, the extension always guards warehouses against situations of stock imbalance.

You also may specify the settings to sent reports by cron(Low stock email notification).

When selecting a warehouse, the extension takes into account all rules that you specify. Importantly, if none of the warehouses satisfies the conditions of order or some products are out of stock to avoid back orders or errors, you may enable the exception management setting. So, in any case, one of the warehouses will be selected.

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Ver. 1.0.0 - Released July 15, 2017

The extension is released.
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