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Magento Community extensions

Magento is a feature-rich professional open-source eCommerce solution offering merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their online store.

Magento is among the best eCommerce solutions but it does not always provide all necessary functionality to better satisfy your business needs. An impressive experience and expertise in Magento and eCommerce customization provides AITOC with a thorough understanding of what Magento store owners’ business needs are. By analyzing those needs we created over 45 high quality plugins for Magento Community Edition and more than 35 plugins for Magento Enterprise Edition. Our plugins are developed to extend default Magento functionality to improve your web-store’s navigation and checkout, make your Magento front and backend easy and intuitive, make your e-business competitive and bring you more profit.

AITOC’s Magento plugins are ready solutions for your business!

At AITOC we never stop our thorough work on upgrading and updating our Magento plugins according to latest eCommerce and Magento trends and standards. We always make sure our Magento plugins are compatible with the latest Magento versions, are up-to-date and improved with new features. Each our customer gets 3-9 months of free email support of purchased plugin, bug fixing and plugin updates as well as 30-day unconditional moneyback guarantee.

To make your experience with AITOC’s extensions simple, we offer installation services. To get it you should have appropriate amount of prepaid support time . If you feel that you might have troubles with module installation, we advise that you order more prepaid support time before you encounter problems.

Ultimate Warehouse Management for Magento

Ultimate Warehouse Management

Сreate an unlimited number of warehouses and easily manage their stock.

$ 499
Custom Product Preview for Magento

Custom Product Preview

A must-have designer tool for any Magento store that sells products with user-added text or images.

39 reviews
$ 199
Advanced Permissions for Magento

Advanced Permissions

Easily give and manage permissions to sub-admins of your Magento store.

67 reviews
$ 169
Orders Export and Import for Magento

Orders Export and Import

A flexible utility for exporting/importing Orders and Customer data in Magento.

25 reviews
$ 129
Configurable Products Pro for Magento

Configurable Products Pro

Generate simples for configurable products on the fly. Unlimited attributes!

13 reviews
$ 125
Shop by Brand for Magento

Shop by Brand

Allow customers to shop by brand (Manufacturer or any other selectable attribute) in your Magento store.

40 reviews
$ 99
Checkout Fields Manager for Magento

Checkout Fields Manager

Provide a custom-tailored registration & checkout experience in Magento.

38 reviews
$ 99
Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro for Magento

Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro

Recover lost sales with automatic and responsive abandoned cart emails in Magento.

26 reviews
$ 99
Multi-Location Inventory for Magento

Multi-Location Inventory

One Magento installation - multiple websites, each with its own inventory and warehouse.

13 reviews
$ 275
Magento Layered Navigation Pro for Magento

Magento Layered Navigation Pro

Flexible layered navigation that makes browsing your store super-easy and fast.

23 reviews
$ 129
Full Page Cache for Magento

Full Page Cache for Magento

Make your Magento store load super-fast with this essential extension from Aitoc.

59 reviews
$ 99
Pre-Orders for Magento


Mark in-stock or out-of-stock Magento product as available for Pre-Order in your store.

24 reviews
$ 89
Visualize Your Attributes - Color Swatch for Magento

Visualize Your Attributes - Color Swatch

Impress your customers and boost sales with stunningly visual attributes.

6 reviews
$ 89
All-In-One Checkout for Magento

All-In-One Checkout

Do anything you want with Magento checkout: merge, remove or extend checkout steps as needed.

10 reviews
$ 147
Custom Options Templates for Magento

Custom Options Templates

Create products in Magento with the same or similar custom options a lot faster.

18 reviews
$ 99
Product Review Booster for Magento

Product Review Booster

Reinforce your marketing with timely review requests and top reviews displayed in your Magento store.

26 reviews
$ 99
Gift Registry for Magento

Gift Registry

Turn customers into your sales managers by allowing them to create unlimited gift lists in Magento.

16 reviews
$ 99
One-Page Checkout Booster for Magento

One-Page Checkout Booster

Reduce your Magento store's exit rates by distilling six checkout steps to one.

29 reviews
$ 99
Custom Order Number Pro for Magento

Custom Order Number Pro

Set custom numbers for Orders, Invoices, Shipments or Credit Memos in Magento.

22 reviews
$ 79
Delivery Date Plus for Magento

Delivery Date Plus

Manage delivery schedules conveniently in Magento. Let customers leave comments when they order a delivery.

12 reviews
$ 75
Configurable Checkout for Magento

Configurable Checkout

Remove unnecessary checkout steps in Magento. Improve UX by letting your customers check out quicker.

10 reviews
$ 69
Cost Based Pricing for Magento

Cost Based Pricing

Base your pricing off product costs by automatically adding cost percentage or a fixed figure to them.

3 reviews
$ 89
Smart Reports for Magento

Smart Reports

Get all the in-depth Magento analytics you need, whenever you need them.

7 reviews
$ 79
Product Units and Quantities for Magento

Product Units and Quantities

Introduce custom measurement units to Magento (e.g. a dozen eggs) and sell your products by these units.

9 reviews
$ 79
Admin Email Notifications for Magento

Admin Email Notifications

Get notified about key events in a Magento store: new orders, customers, reviews, subscribers, etc.

3 reviews
$ 59
vBulletin Integration for Magento

vBulletin Integration

Incorporate vBulletin forum software seamlessly into your Magento store.

5 reviews
$ 125
Shopping Cart Editor for Magento

Shopping Cart Editor

Make it easy for customers to edit product details right in shopping cart without leaving the cart page.

8 reviews
$ 69
Extra Fee / Gift Wrap for Magento

Extra Fee / Gift Wrap

A Magento extension that allows you to charge extra for services like gift wrap, speedy delivery, etc.

1 review
$ 69
Custom Options for Grouped Products for Magento

Custom Options for Grouped Products

Use custom options for grouped products - ideal for grouped products that come in different modifications.

2 reviews
$ 69
Loyalty Program for Magento

Loyalty Program

Reward Magento customers for remaining your clients or spending big within a certain period of time.

3 reviews
$ 79
True AJAX Navigation Filter for Magento

True AJAX Navigation Filter

Speed up Magento default browsing - with SEO-friendly and lightning fast True AJAX navigation filter.

2 reviews
$ 75
Front-End Editor for Magento

Front-End Editor

A convenient tool that lets you edit products, blocks and pages front-end in Magento.

3 reviews
$ 69
E-mail Templates Manager for Magento

E-mail Templates Manager

Ensure correct encoding of your Magento emails & get them past spam folders with plain-text versions.

8 reviews
$ 69
Shopping Assistant for Magento

Shopping Assistant

Help customers quickly find what they need with a series of smart questions asked by a virtual assistant.

4 reviews
$ 119
Grocery List for Magento

Grocery List

Make it easy for customers to re-order the same items in your Magento store with a 'grocery list'.

1 review
$ 109
Individual Promotions for Magento

Individual Promotions

Assign a coupon or a discount rule to a hand-picked group of customers in Magento.

2 reviews
$ 79
Product Matrix for Magento

Product Matrix

Automatically generate simples for configurable products based on 2 attributes.

5 reviews
$ 69
Server Load Monitor for Magento

Server Load Monitor

Effectively monitor Magento server load peaks and get notified about website outages or slowdowns.

$ 89
Customers Who Purchased for Magento

Customers Who Purchased

Sell more by showing clients related products according to a smart logic in Magento.

2 reviews
$ 79
Enhanced Order Filter for Magento

Enhanced Order Filter

Get 2 new filtering options in Magento Orders grid: sort orders by SKU or by product name.

2 reviews
$ 59
Useful Downloads for Magento

Useful Downloads

Easily add free files such as PDFs to a Magento product for customers to download.

5 reviews
$ 50
Custom Registration Fields for Magento

Custom Registration Fields

Add custom fields to account registration form in Magento.

4 reviews
$ 59
Shop by Bestsellers for Magento

Shop by Bestsellers

Influence your customers purchasing decision by showing bestselling products in your store.

$ 75
Splash Page for Magento

Splash Page

Block access to selected content in Magento and make visitors accept your conditions before they proceed.

1 review
$ 59
Splash Page Test for Magento

Splash Page Test

Prevent your visitors from browsing your website before they take a certain action, for example, verify their age.

$ 0