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Magento Extensions Giveaway:

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Advanced Permissions For Magento Are Even More Advanced Now

We are proud to announce the latest update to our Advanced Permissions extension for Magento that gives you more flexibility in role management than Magento users have ever seen. The new features are:
  • Product editor permission tab is added where Super Admin can set what product tabs are available for a role when editing products;
  • Super Admin can set which product attributes are available for a role when editing products;
  • Super Admin can allow/deny the product creation for a role;
  • Super Admin can allow/deny specific product type(s) creation for a role.
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Not just another One Step Checkout module:

AITOC is happy to introduce One Step Checkout Manager  extension for Magento. “Oh no, not another Magento One Step Checkout module,” you might say.  While there are plenty of extensions that are supposedly designed to make your checkout perfect, only very few modules get close to fulfilling the promise. Read on, and you’ll say: “Finally, a perfect One Step Checkout module for Magento!”

Best server configuration for your Magento store: the Why and the How:

In Magento system requirements there is no info about choosing and configuring your server. Nonetheless, proper server is crucial for your store’s performance. Poor server choice is likely to result in poor performance, and this is something no serious online merchant can afford: these days conversion rate greatly depends on the store’s speed and consistent performance. Read on for our take on the problem and its solution: