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Performance optimization

Getting your system performance in order is a key step in the overall website optimization process. When it comes to website performance, the speed and security are the two issues most store owners worry about. This section mainly describes best practices to improve your website speed. Click here to get our security optimization tips.

The following are areas that can be improved:

  • static resources
  • code
  • database
  • server
  • cache
compressing and merging

We deliberately describe all these types in that order to give you a clear vision of the whole range of speed optimization processes.

1) Optimization of static resources

The standard optimization methods to speed up a Magento store are file compression and merging. In fact, it is the most widely-used and efficient method of JavaScript optimization. Merging JS and CSS files greatly reduces their number, thus leading to a significant cut in a number of web server connections. What you get on the surface are faster loading pages.

compressing and merging


These methods reduce the number of server connections, thus significantly decreasing load speed.

When it comes to images, we use smart compression techniques that keep the high resolution of pictures intact while significantly decreasing the file size. Depending on the total number of images, we can do this either manually or with the help of a custom-built script.

Another option is CDN. This technology would be especially handy to online stores serving customers all over the world as it minimizes latency time and helps to deliver static content to geographically scattered audiences at an extremely high speed.

2) Code optimization

When optimizing your code we start with cleaning. Within this step we will remove all unused or redundant fragments of code. In most cases the code snippets that interfere with the website performance are unfinished functional blocks abandoned by previous developers. The system still perceives them as working units and executes them on every page load, which slows down the core processes.

3) Database optimization

Database setup in the default Magento is already an optimized and stabilized system and in the majority of cases it needs very little tweaking. So, in this case, the optimization is akin to the pursuit of perfection.

If you only need to get your database to work faster, a simple HDD upgrade would work in most cases.

If you are looking for a more complex solution, you could get that by deploying your database, Magento setup and other system components on different servers as well as optimizing database queries. Such setup, while being very effective, has its downsides in the way that running your Magento on several servers is a technically advanced task necessitating many more system administrators' hours on a regular basis.

4) Server optimization

Server optimization requires both system and security fixes.

System fixes are all about setting up a perfect environment for Magento. Whether you are running a physical server, a VPS, a shared hosting or other solution, keep in mind that this environment could still have vulnerabilities. From time to time these vulnerabilities get fixed with security patches.

Best practice in server maintenance is the implementation of changes and their testing on the staging server first. Once we test the changes and get your approval, we'll upload them to the live server.

Security fixes are executed by installing patches. Keep in mind that installation of patches is possible only if the core Magento files have not been modified. If some changes have been applied to the core files, the automatic installation is not possible. Patches could be applied manually, but it is a very labor-intensive task.

5) Cache optimization

Full Page Cache Booster, one of our top-selling Magento extensions, - gives us an out-of-the-box solution to typical cache-related issues. It allows for full page caching, cache warm-up, JavaScript files compression, and provides an option for dynamic blocks caching. By simply installing it, your loading speed times will be cut by a factor of two or even three. If the issues you are having can't be fixed by our extension, we can build a custom solution.

Tailor-made optimization processes

After successfully helping hundreds of stores out with this, we know first-hand that each case is unique and warrants an individual approach. The bottlenecks we have encountered over the years, from general over-customization to excessive amount of attributes in configurable products to inadequate server security, etc., require a specific combination of tools and expertise.

We definitely got that mojo working for us and can get it to work for you too! Contact us and we'll make your store quick as a flash.

Do you want to start from scratch and create a perfectly optimized online store? Contact us and we'll be happy to work with you on that!

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