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Magento 2 Product Management extensions

Bring your product management process to a whole new level by making use of tailor-made Aitoc modules
Custom Product Designer for Magento2

Custom Product Designer for Magento2

A multi-purpose custom product designer for Magento 2. Let shoppers create their own gifts, mugs, caps, etc.

5 reviews
$ 299
Product Reviews & Ratings for M2 for Magento

Product Reviews & Ratings

Make customers fall in love with your store thanks to helpful and trustworthy reviews. Send automatic review requests.

5 reviews
$ 129
Product Units and Quantities for Magento 2

Product Units and Quantities

Use unique measuring units and Qty fields in Magento.

4 reviews
$ 99
Custom Product Options for Magento 2

Custom Product Options

Now you can create templates for custom options and quickly assign them to any number of products.

4 reviews
$ 199
Product File Attachments for Magento 2

Product File Attachments

Add file attachments anywhere on the product page and grant an easy way to download user guides, manuals, presentations, and tutorials.

2 reviews
$ 125
Grouped Product Options for Magento

Grouped Product Options

Let your customers use customizable options in grouped products.

2 reviews
$ 99
coming soon
Configurable Products Pro for Magento 2

Configurable Products Pro

Magento 2 configurable product management & simple product generation made easy.

Aitoc extensions for product management significantly extend the default functionality of Magento 2, providing an opportunity to accelerate related back-office processes and make them more efficient.

Our solutions empower ecommerce business owners to automate a part of online routine tasks like product creation and catalogue management, inventory allocation and management and many others. This reduces manual labour, resulting in higher productivity, overall process accuracy, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Having Magento 2 plugins by Aitoc in your arsenal, you will be able to optimize your efforts on the store and product management so that to focus more on providing the real value to your customers.

Magento 2 Product Designer extension – Provide customers with the opportunity to purchase custom-designed items at your store. Enable adding images, prints and text to conventional products, set special prices for custom items and get ready-to-print files with designs.

Magento 2 Product Reviews & Ratings plugin – Receive authentic and trustworthy customer testimonials for any products at your store. Send out automated email requests to encourage buyers to rate the goods they have purchased and leave their feedback on product pages.

Magento 2 Product Units and Quantities extension – Adjust product measurements according to your specific business needs. Create custom unit and quantity fields and allow customers to choose the measurements they prefer with the help of a dropdown menu, arrows and other easy tools.

Magento 2 Custom Product Options module – Create templates with custom options and assign them to your products automatically. Manage custom options’ settings, duplicate, edit and delete the generated templates, and present the best-selling product configurations first.

Magento 2 Grouped Product Options module – Split simple products into bundles and customize product options for each of the group. Assign as many product attributes as you need and display custom options along with the required ones for any item in the group on the grouped product page.

Magento 2 Product File Attachments plugin – Provide comprehensive product information to your customers by uploading additional files on the landing pages. Add downloadable user guides and manuals, video product overviews and customer testimonials using suitable file icons.

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