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Magento Product Management extensions

Take advantage of Magento product management extensions by Aitoc to take full control over the goods at your store.
Custom Product Designer for Magento

Custom Product Designer

A must-have designer tool for any Magento store that sells products with user-added text or images.

39 reviews
$ 199
Custom Product Options Templates for Magento

Custom Product Options Templates

Create products in Magento with the same or similar custom options a lot faster.

18 reviews
$ 99
Product Units and Quantities for Magento

Product Units and Quantities

Introduce custom measurement units to Magento (e.g. a dozen eggs) and sell your products by these units.

9 reviews
$ 79
Configurable Products Pro for Magento

Configurable Products Pro

Generate simples for configurable products on the fly. Unlimited attributes!

13 reviews
$ 125
Grouped Product Options for Magento

Grouped Product Options

Use custom options for grouped products - ideal for grouped products that come in different modifications.

2 reviews
$ 69
Product Color Swatches & Visual Attributes for Magento

Product Color Swatches & Visual Attributes

Impress your customers and boost sales with stunningly visual attributes.

6 reviews
$ 89
Product Questions and Answers for Magento

Product Questions and Answers

Help customers quickly find what they need with a series of smart questions asked by a virtual assistant.

4 reviews
$ 119
Product Reviews & Ratings for Magento

Product Reviews & Ratings

Reinforce your marketing with timely review requests and top reviews displayed in your Magento store.

26 reviews
$ 79
Product Matrix for Magento

Product Matrix

Automatically generate simples for configurable products based on 2 attributes.

5 reviews
$ 69
Ajax Product Filter for Magento

Ajax Product Filter

Speed up Magento default browsing - with SEO-friendly and lightning fast Ajax Product Filter..

2 reviews
$ 75
Product Attachments for Magento

Product Attachments

Easily add free files such as PDFs to a Magento product for customers to download.

5 reviews
$ 50
Related Products for Magento

Related Products

Sell more by showing clients related products according to a smart logic in Magento.

Efficient product management is the top priority for any online retailer. Focusing on ecommerce business specifics, we have build a set of feature-rich Magento plugins to help you out with this challenging task.

Our extensions are designed to make the process of handling product assortment easier and more effective, bringing both time and cost savings to our customers. Employing our tools, you can ensure optimal stock levels, manage your product assortment with greater flexibility, and showcase your product catalogue at its best to attract customers’ attention and foster sales.

Magento Product Designer plugin – Allow buyers to personalize your products with pictures, clip-arts and text objects. Upload a gallery of images and fonts to choose from, select any number of customizable areas, and change the prices of custom-designed goods.

Magento Custom Product Options Templates module – Create templates with custom product options and reuse them whenever needed. Set specific dependencies between options and values and assign multiple products to any existing template at one go.

Magento Product Units and Quantities module – Localize your store by selling products in units and quantities customers are used to. Set up custom measurements and allow visitors to select units and quantities via usability elements like dropdown lists, plus/minus buttons and others.

Magento Configurable Product extension – Automate the process of creating simple associated products for configurable goods. Generate new simple associated products leveraging multiple product attributes and manage them in a separate table.

Magento Grouped Product Options extension – Provide customers with the opportunity to select the necessary modifications of products in groups. Create and edit new product groups and assign custom attributes for any item included into a group.

Magento Product Color Swatches & Visual Attributes extension – Make your product page eye-catching by using visualizations instead of a plain text. Upload icons, images and colors and change text descriptions to the corresponding objects automatically.

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