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Magento 2 Marketing extensions

Marketing is essential for any ecommerce business. Sales volume doesn't only depend on the quality of your product, it heavily relies on the consistency of promotional campaigns. These extensions for Magento 2 are created to boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and bring you more recurring revenue.
Follow-Up Emails for Magento 2

Follow-Up Emails

Return customers to the store with a comprehensive email automation strategy.

3 reviews
$ 499
Abandoned Cart Emails Pro for Magento 2

Abandoned Cart Emails Pro

Return shoppers to the store and give them a small discount to finish their order. Customize emails to align them with your brand image.

5 reviews
$ 149
Product Reviews & Ratings for M2 for Magento

Product Reviews & Ratings

Make customers fall in love with your store thanks to helpful and trustworthy reviews. Send automatic review requests.

5 reviews
$ 129
Pre-Orders for Magento 2


Sell in-stock and out-of-stock items as pre-orders in Magento 2

5 reviews
$ 125
Web Push Notifications for Magento 2

Web Push Notifications

Talk to potential customers even after they already closed your website. They will see your message as a push notification whenever their browser is open.

2 reviews
$ 199
Loyalty Program for Magento 2

Loyalty Program

Return customers to the store with a well-built and clear loyalty program.

3 reviews
$ 125
Custom Order Status Change for Magento 2

Custom Order Status Change

Automate your order status change notifications and speed up the picking and packing.

3 reviews
$ 125
Post Purchase Emails for Magento 2

Post Purchase Emails

Make your post-purchase email marketing efforts more effective.

3 reviews
$ 125
User Birthday for Magento 2

User Birthday

Build up customer relationships with awesome Birthday deals.

1 review
$ 125
We Miss You for Magento 2

We Miss You

Re-engage lapsing customers through enticing email offers.

3 reviews
$ 125
Welcome Emails for Magento 2

Welcome Emails

Tweak and tailor your welcome emails to increase user engagement.

4 reviews
$ 125