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SEO optimization

We take it for granted that Magento is one of the most SEO-friendly e-commerce platforms. Yet, some extra SEO configuration is warranted as it will definitely drive your website rankings.

At Aitoc we are very well aware of Magento’s SEO-related weak points, such as duplicate content issues and buggy layered navigation, and know how to fix them all so that nothing stands in the way of growth.

To address these and other problems, we came up with a time-tested SEO optimization process that incorporates both automatic tools and manual configuration.

Our time-saving approach is based on the combination of advanced SEO automation toolkit and manual configuration.

Store owners have to deal with a variety of SEO-related issues on a daily basis. Individually, these problems may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but, combined, they may easily put a dent in a store’s SEO performance over a long term.

Below you will find a list of the SEO-related issues we deal with most frequently. Just so you know, we’ve configured hundreds of Magento stores, so we can speak with authority:

1. Challenge: Getting Rid of Product and Category Related Duplicate Content

Search engines are struggling to index and display pages with different content. Identical (duplicate) content complicates things for search engine algorithms and, at the end of the day, you will see your page rankings drop because of that.

Solution: Create Individual Product and Category Templates

Our SEO team test different combinations of product and category templates with unique meta tags to find the most effective ones for each situation. It is especially important for multilingual stores, because each store view should have individual templates for their products and categories with unique meta tags in the appropriate language. Already integrated in our software, multilingual templates pre-fill empty fields with unique SEO-friendly meta tags.

2. Challenge: Optimizing Pages Filtered by Layered Navigation

While being an extremely user-friendly component, layered navigation creates a lot of duplicate content and low-quality pages, causing unnecessary crawlability and over-indexation issues.

Solution: Transform Pages Filtered by Layered Navigation into SEO-Friendly Store Pages

There are different methods to address this issue. You can exclude pages filtered by Layered Navigation from indexation by setting Meta Robots, disallow them using Robots.txt file or set a rel=canonical tag. Automating these processes using our software is a way to solve this problem quickly and efficiently. Yet, it is not the most efficient way.

Layered Navigation, if configured properly, can work wonders with your store’s SEO rankings. This way you can take your site visitors straight to the product they are looking for, e.g. '18.23 inch Blue Star Wars lightsaber'. Also, if you have no sub-categories in your store, pages filtered by layered navigation could take their place. Such changes will require extra development, but the results will be worth the effort.

3. Challenge: Preserving the SEO Value when Moving from HTTP to HTTPs

Getting an SSL certificate does not guarantee an immediate rise in rank. In fact, a short-term ranking drop is almost unavoiadable. Such mistakes as inconsistency in the transfer of the internal link structure to secure URLs or incorrect 301 redirects setup could extend this ‘fluctuation’ period up to several months with an adverse effect on traffic and sales.

Solution: Properly Planned and Implemented System of Redirects

In terms of complexity, it is very much akin to migrating your website to a new domain. We will prep your online store for an HTTP-to-HTTPs migration in advance, mapping out the timeline for its execution (we recommend doing this in the low season if possible). We will make sure that your SEO value will be transferred to HTTPs in full and monitor changes after the transfer to make sure that the HTTPs version is fully optimized.

We apply our Magento development expertise to enhance your store’s SEO.

As a key component of web development, correct SEO optimization needs to take into account e-commerce Strategy, design and website performance considerations. We know the ins and outs and are ready to lend a helping hand with any SEO issues.

Simply drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

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