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Search engine optimization

Have you ever been dissatisfied with a Google ranking of your website? We have no doubts it happened. You could have the most perfectly designed store, your technical guys could sweat their brains out to keep it updated, but without a proper SEO, the first Google page will stay an elusive dream for you.

Regarding search ranking, Google (or any other search engine you optimize for) is your strict boss. Stick to the Code of Conduct or get fired. You will get a top ranking only if you follow strict SEO guidelines on a constant basis. It is a long-term activity, so prepare yourself to celebrate every single position you win.

To help you celebrate bigger achievements more often, we have simplified and sped up our process, combining SEO automation tools and manual configuration of the Magento system.

Our time savvy approach is based on the usage of the advanced SEO automation toolkit and manual configuration.

So, what are SEO challenges store owners face today? In fact, there are too many of them. Below we've enlisted top 3 SEO-related issues our clients are struggling to solve and best practices we have used to address them.

Challenge #1: Get rid of product and category related duplicate content

Never let duplicate content appear on your website in the first place. Search engines are struggling to index and display pages with different content. Identical content appearing on several pages is messing with algorithms of search engine spiders, which ultimately ends up in improper indexation and rank drops.

Best Practice: Create individual product and category templates

Our SEO team test different combinations of product and category templates with unique meta tags to find those working best in each situation. Unique means each page will be indexed separately. Being integrated into our software, these templates pre-fill empty fields with meta tags.

Challenge #2: Optimize pages filtered by layered navigation

Align your layered navigation with SEO best practices to keep away problems with crawl-ability and over-indexation. While being an extremely user-friendly component, it greatly increases the amount of duplicate content and low-quality pages.

Best Practice: Optimize pages filtered by layered navigation for specific extended search queries

Have you ever addressed the problem mentioned above by setting Meta Robots, disallowing pages using Robots.txt file or setting a rel=canonical tag? Any of these techniques could be efficient to win you several positions. But if you want something you have never had (I assume, it is a top Google ranking), you must be willing to do something you have never done before, right?

We use Layered Navigation pages as a growth opportunity. Optimizing them for specific extended search queries lets you draw more high-quality incoming traffic. People will end up in your store wanting to buy the exact '18.23 inch Blue Star Wars lightsaber' they have been desperately searching for!

Challenge #3: Preservation of SEO value when moving from HTTP to HTTPs

Prepare your website for a migration to HTTPs beforehand. Remember, that getting an SSL certificate does not always result in an immediate rise in rank. In fact, a short-term ranking drop is almost inescapable.

Best Practice: Careful planning and automation of redirecting

In terms of the process complexity, it is very much like migrating your website to a new domain. Our primary mission is to make sure that your SEO value is being transferred to HTTPs in its full volume. We automate redirecting process by using our software and monitor changes after the transfer to make sure that an HTTPs version is fully optimized.

We apply our development knowledge adjusting peculiarities of the Magento architecture to enhance SEO of your online store.

SEO optimization is an essential part of the web development process. The quality of post production SEO services is partially dependent on peculiarities of e-commerce strategy, design and development and is largely relying on performance optimization, so we take a serious approach to all these processes.

Are you seeking an SEO partner? Write to us and we'll help your Magento store become a Google champion!

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