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Free Email Support

Aitoc offers free email support for life. We will answer any question regarding our Magento extensions and provide you with a step-by-step instruction on how to solve the issue at hand to the best of our ability.

Before you contact support

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the module installed (in Magento admin panel > System > Manage Aitoc modules) and it is compatible with your Magento version (see the Changelog on the extension’s page at aitoc.com).
  2. Make sure it is our extension that is causing the problem. Switch it off in the admin panel by unchecking the box against the module’s name in System > Manage Aitoc Modules. Click "Save module settings". Clear cache and see if the issue persists with our module disabled.

If none of the above steps help, please contact support.

Before submitting a support ticket

  1. To ensure quick resolution of your request, please describe the issue in full detail, elaborating the steps it takes to reproduce the problem. Also, include the links to where the problem can be replicated.
  2. If you can, please take a screenshot or a video capture of the issue you are having.
  3. When filling out the ticket form, please indicate your Magento admin panel URL, admin username & password, do include FTP account access (your access details are absolutely safe with us!), as this will let us help you faster.

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm (UTC +3)

Closed on Saturday and Sunday. Please do not expect us to reply outside of our working hours.

Create ticket

If you forget something, do not create a new support ticket, as this will increase the time it takes to look into your request. Instead, please reply to the automatic responder you get after submitting a ticket - your reply will be associated with the same ticket ID.

Free Development Support (30 Minutes)

With every purchase of a Magento extension by Aitoc, you get 30 minutes of free development support on us.

Development support is different from email support, because it involves a developer looking into the issue or making changes to your test or production Magento installation.

To be able to help you we need the following information:

  1. Magento admin area URL, username & password.
  2. Your FTP account access.
  3. A detailed description of how to reproduce the problem (a step-by-step guide and screenshots are really helpful).
  4. Information about the latest code modifications and/or third- party module installations.

If you can't provide access to your host, please create a staging host for our support team or send us your Magento files in an archive, so that we can set it up locally.

We understand that we must keep the access information you provide safe and confidential at all times, and we guarantee that your data is safe with us.

Additional Development Support

If we can see that 30 minutes of development is not enough time to solve the issue, we may offer you to purchase additional dev support hours and provide you with a free estimate of how many are required.

Additional (paid) development support time can be purchased on this page.