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Today even the simplest of online stores cannot get by within the isolated environment of Magento. In one way or another, you end up with a need to integrate it with third-party systems and services. Since 2009 we've completed hundreds of such integrations and can confidently say that we know the tricks of the trade.

Magento is hands-down one of the leading e-commerce carts available on the market due to its flexible, feature-rich and infinitely functional nature. But to make the most out of it, you may have to integrate Magento with any of the third-party services that you use in your business processes.

CRM integrations

Had enough of managing the customer data you can act on in all those different places. Why not bring it all together?

The first and most obvious option that comes to mind is to use a CRM system. In essense, a CRM system makes it possible to bring all the vital data under one roof. Once you do that, your store managers will have all that important info pertaining to daily operations at their fingertips. This will dramatically improve productivity, make the decision making process way more streamlines and, ultimately, improve customer experience.

Salesforce is one of the CRM systems that gets integrated with Magento most frequently. It comes as little surprise because Salesforce is a powerful product that can be updated in a heartbeat. It can extend your power to sell, service and market with pre-integrated apps and increase sales productivity. After integrating Magento 2 with Salesforce CRM, all the customer, product and order data will sync automatically.

So, that sounds like an easy one: you need to make your customers happy, using a powerful CRM system. And it is a surefire way to do that. We made it our business to take the pain out of getting your Magento and your CRM system to work together. You can count on that period.

ERP integrations

Need your online store and back office to work in sync? ERP integration is the answer.

An ERP system is a suite of business management tools supported by software and technology. Sounds too formal and out of touch? A good ERP is designed to help you manage all your different business activities in one place, from product planning to manufacturing to shipping and finance and much more.

When more and more merchants move to Magento 2.0, we could not overlook the need for ERP integration solutions.

According to recent market data, SAP is the world-leading ERP system providers with the lion's share of the market, 24% to be precise. It's ERP solution offers dozens of useful features is almost infinitely scalable. SAP ERP for e-commerce has got all your business needs covered and, most importantly, it can be easily integrated with any online store run on Magento. With that integration, the data between the store and ERP will be shared real-time providing for more streamlined business operations, optimized costs and improved efficiency.

Looking for a SAP-Magento integration? We'll be happy to give you a hand with that.

WMS integrations

A Warehouse management system helps you supervise day-to-day operations in your warehouse.

There are numerous routine tasks that need to be directed daily: workload planning, optimization of pickup sequences, staff allocation, handling of paperwork, just to name a few.

A WMS can be a part of a complex ERPs or a standalone solution.

By integrating your Magento store with the WMS you are using, you stand to gain a lot just by optimizing the work flow and cutting costs.

Ready to give your business a competitive edge? Let us help you link your Magento store with your WMS.

PoS integrations

A point of sale is where your offline sales take place. Magento is where you do that online.

The road to a PoS-Magento integration may be different.

It may be that you'd been selling offline before you launched your Magento online store or you branched off your successful online shop. Either way, you've come to a point where a reliable PoS-Magento integration is a must. Without further ado, this is no easy task, but it will definitely be worth it.

What's also important is that we are fully equipped to handle any PoS-Magento integration project.

If you are making up your mind: do integrations or don't, fill the form and we will contact and consult you.

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We know how to make Magento work for an online business by developing advanced functionality and extensions.

Optimization Services

By optimizing their Magento stores business owners gain a competitive advantage since their websites become more productive. The following issues must be considered when it comes to web store optimization:

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