Custom Product Designer for Magento 2

  • Advanced Web-to-Print Solution
  • Multiple fonts
  • Clip arts and custom images
  • Ability to customize different product sides
  • Numerous design areas
  • Special prices for customized items
  • Print-ready design files
  • Optimized for mobile
  • No system slowdowns


Custom Product Designer - Online Web2Print Solution for Your Magento 2 Store

Give your Magento store visitors a chance to express their creative side and adorn your products with unique personalized prints. Custom Product Designer is a handy and fast Web-to-Print tool allowing customers to give a personal touch to your products and generating print-ready vector files for you in the back-end.

With Magento live edit designer product extension buyers will benefit from exclusively designed goods, while you’ll increase your profits by setting higher prices for custom-designed items.

Product Personalization Advantages for Magento 2 store

Product personalization can give a whole range of additional competitive advantages to online retailers, allowing them to stands out among conventional stores. Leveraging Custom Product Designer, ecommerce business owners benefit from:

Additional Sales Generation Opportunity

With the product online designer magento extension at place, merchants are able to introduce an extra service at their stores, increasing customer interest in existing products. Customers are more likely to buy a personalized item, rather than a conventional one. Thus by offering a product customization services, online retailers get higher chances of a sale. Besides, the module allows applying higher prices for custom products, which increases product margin.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Customizing goods as per their taste, customers get unique, exclusive items in accordance with their expectations and desires. Thus, product personalization helps an ecommerce business to satisfy customers’ needs better, leading to higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Better Market Insight

Online retailers have access to multiple tools for market and customer research. However, one can never know if a new product should be introduced and whether it will be popular among consumers. By keeping track of the custom products that buyers order, merchants get valuable insights into what their needs are, which provides for data-driven and effective decision-making in the future.

Managing Numerous Fonts


  • Outline
  • Use built-in Google Fonts
  • Add Shadow
  • Change the opacity
  • Upload Custom Fonts
  • Flip, resize, rotate
  • Curved Text

Pre-built Clip Art Library & Custom Images


  • Drag & drop image upload
  • Add Shadow effects
  • Predefined clip arts
  • Clip art and image opacity and distortion settings
  • Ability to flip, resize, and rotate clip arts and images
  • Flip, resize, rotate

Multi-Sided Products Design


  • Create multiple design areas
  • Enable/disable printable areas on specific sides
  • Remove and add design areas

Multiple Design Areas


  • An unlimited number of editable areas
  • Any design area size
  • Ability to resize and distort editable areas

Special Pricing of Customization


  • Sell customized products at a premium
  • Disable the premium if needed
  • Apply new pricing anytime
  • Use different premiums for customized items

Print-Ready Files


  • Downloadable archive with order info and image files
  • Print-ready files in the SVG format
  • Original images
  • Customized product preview

Mobile Optimized Solution


  • Optimized for different screen sizes, resolutions, desktop and mobile devices
  • Free from Flash, built with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas

Lightweight Tool


  • The most lightweight tool on the market (less than 500 KB)
  • Loads quickly (within a few seconds)
  • No system slowdowns are involved
  • Easy-to-use
  • CPD doesn’t slow down the Magento store’s performance

Extra Capabilities of our Magento 2 Web2Print extension

  • Disable purchasing of non-customized products by making the option required for specific items.
  • Use the order number to name the downloadable archive and product SKUs to name customized items stored in it.
  • Set the maximum text length by specifying the number of symbols that can be typed.

All Features of Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 plugin

  • Set up Custom Designer on simple and configurable products
  • Specify design areas for each product
  • Choose different recipients for each email
  • Choose multiple editable areas on one product
  • Set a special price for customizable products (or make it free)
  • Use default cliparts and fonts or add your own
  • Download files with customer designs in the SVG format
  • Add a special button for the custom design feature and name it in a way you need
  • Limit the maximum text length on the design area
  • Disable purchase of non-customized products

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We aim to keep our modules regularly updated with new features, bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

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1.4.19 - February 4th 2024

*Fixed issues with the "Default font size" and "Hide object manipulation UI" configuration options (CPD-108)

*Fixed issue with adding font family (CPD-121)

*Fixed issue when changing the existing font name (CPD-127)

*Fixed the order print layout issue when the order contains a product where customization is done (CPD-129)

*Fixed issue with scrolling of CPD popup on mobile view product page (CPD-130)

*Resolved Clone customization area functionality issue for the simple product associated with configurable product (CPD-135)

+Code changes to improve the performance of the module (CPD-151)

1.4.18 - February 13th 2023

+Added PHP 8.1 compatibility

+Added clone functionality to copy customization area from one product to another

+Code improvement to use declarative schema

*Fixed issue with creating clipart category

*Fixed issue with adding new fonts

*Fixed issue with uploading big file size

*Fixed customization popup on the mobile view

*Fixed issue with customization button front-end when no customization area or image is selected from admin

*Fixed issue with Downloading source when the customized product is disabled

*Fixed issue with displaying customized product image when more than one products are available in the cart and customer account order page

*Fixed price error when saving product in admin

1.4.17 - October 13th 2021

+Allowed the button text to be configured on store level

+Added admin configuration to apply a Default Font size

+Added admin configuration to Hide/Display object manipulation sections (For ex: flip or copy text/image)

*Fixed issue with Allow Distortion of Objects configuration when setting value as No

1.4.16 - September 27th 2021

+Code and Performance Improvement

*Fixed issue with displaying the customized data for the product

*Fixed issue with pricing when Tier pricing has been applied

*Fixed issue with changing font family

*Fixed issue with Product Max length when Use Config Value box is checked

1.4.15 - June 12th 2021

+Major performance overhaul. Now lazy loads images.

*Fixed issue with tiered prices not being applied to customized products.

1.4.14 - May 24th 2021

*Fix for a build issue

1.4.13 - May 22nd 2021

+Compatibility with PHP 7.4

+Improves code style and legibility

+Improves how admin templates and classes are overwritten to improve compatibility

*Fixes image upload bug when PHP configures temporary folder in a particular way

*Fixes a bug that prevented the "Apply design" button from showing

*Fixes an exception caused during invoice creation.

1.4.12 - June 24th 2020

*Fixed virtual products bug

1.4.11 - May 28th 2020

+Spanish localization added

1.4.10 - March 24th 2020

*Fix unnecessary fonts loading

*Improved elements appearance restriction

1.4.9 - January 15th 2020

+Added configuration settings for visibility control of customization pop-up elements

1.4.8 - January 14th 2020

+Curved text feature released

*fixed svg processing

1.4.7 - January 9th 2020

+Added encrypted part to source URIs

*Improved svg processing

*Improved i18n for js files

1.4.6 - December 11th 2019

*Improved compatibility with 2.3.3

1.4.5 - November 25th 2019

*Compatibility notice for IE11 and lower

1.4.4 - October 24th 2019

+Added Compatibility with Aitoc left sidebar

1.4.3 - September 14th 2019

*Improved mobile styles.

1.4.2 - September 13th 2019

*Swatches compatibility for configurable and bundle products.

*Heavy images uploading fix.

1.4.1 - September 12th 2019

*Improved UX for multizone products

1.4.0 - September 5th 2019

+Added compatibility with Grouped products;

+Added compatibility with Configurable products;

+Added fit to width/height feature;

*Fixed a fatal error when try to edit an empty clipart category several;

*Fixed XML bugfixes;

*Fixed displaying of currency symbol;

1.3.3 - May 20th 2019

+Added an option to set Max Text Length in Global Settings;

+Added compatibility with Edge 17;

+Replaced IMagick lib with native functionality;

*Fixed a bug when page reload action would clear up the custom design thumbnail;

*Fixed a bug with Reset button not resetting all images;

*Fixed a bug with Clipart images moving to another category;

*Fixed a bug with text design not saving correctly in the backend;

*Fixed a bug with text symbols limit;

*Fixed several minor bugs.

1.3.1 - April 11th 2018

*Fixed: Zip archives with ready for print files is not generated in some cases;

*Fixed: Cliparts and fonts grids are not working on magento 2.1.2

1.2.0 - November 16th 2017

+Added possibility to reset all customization changes in one click;

+Added preview thumbnails for product images;

+Added loading screen for customization's final saving process.

1.1.0 - October 20th 2017

+Added compatibility with Magento Open Source 2.2;

+Added possibility to make custom product design options required;

+Added possibility to deny distortion of objects;

+Added possibility to limit text length;

+Improved fonts upload;

+Improved clip arts upload;

+Improved structure of downloadable archive;

+Original images used for a custom product design option are now added to downloadable archive;

*Fixed an issue with the ‘Customize your pictures and areas’ setting when there are no product images assigned to a thumbnail role;

*Fixed an issue with the responsive design;

*Fixed a design issue for a product with a custom option;

*Fixed an issue with adding a product to cart with an empty custom product design option;

*Fixed an issue with the overall price displaying incorrectly when it is enabled and set to 0;

*Fixed an issue with duplicates of images in downloadable archive containing custom product design when an order contains a configurable product;

*Fixed an issue with downloading the archive with custom product design from invoice or shipment page;

*Fixed an issue with renaming of the ‘Custom Product Design’ button;

*Fixed an issue with image slider on mobile devices;

*Fixed an issue with deletion of text objects while editing in the canvas;

*Fixed an issue with intersecting printable areas;

*Fixed an issue with distortion of printable area borders when resizing printable area.

1.0.0 - September 12th 2017

+The extension is out of beta!

0.9.0 - September 7th 2017

*Fixed an issue with the indexing;

*Fixed an issue with configuration of content design.

0.8.0 - August 30th 2017

+Added support of configurable products;

+Adapted a size of preview pop up

*Fixed an issue with setting up an additional area when touching the first area;

*Fixed an issue with opening bundle/grouped products;

*Fixed an issue with editing cpd option;

*Fixed an issue with adding a product to the cart when an object isn't added to a first image;

*Fixed an issue with assign simple products to configurable, bundle and grouped products.

0.2.1 - August 21st 2017

*Fixed compilation issues.

0.2.0 - August 18th 2017

+Added a feature of preview display on the order page in customer accounts;

*Fixed the issue with stretching editable area in any direction on the product page;

*Fixed the issue with preview display in shopping cart on the frontend;

*Fixed the issue with preview display on the order page on the admin side;

*Fixed the issue with preview display in shopping cart dropdown on the frontend.

0.1.9 - August 11th 2017

+Beta-version is available.

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Why choose Aitoc?
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We've been providing Magento modules since 2007. Our company was formed in 2001.

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