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Delete/Archive Orders for Magento 2

Delete/Archive Orders for Magento 2

Based on 3 reviews
Delete/Archive Orders for Magento 2
  • Remove / archive orders in bulk
  • Remove all order-related documents
  • Remove orders from customer accounts
  • Schedule order removal and archiving
  • Put archived orders back along with related documents
v1.0.3 | Community 2.1.x - 2.3.x
  • Free lifetime updates
  • 90-days free support
  • 45-days money back
    Priority support package gives all your support requests High priority by default, shorterning support team reply time.
    Professional installation by the Aitoc team (paid for CE-version users) is included into every Magento Enterprise extension package. To schedule the installation please email us at
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Enable Quick Order Deletion and Archiving to Manage Your Magento 2 Store More Efficiently

Give your Magento 2 orders workspace a neat and clean look with the help of the Delete Orders extension from Aitoc. Delete all the redundant real or test orders along with related documents to keep your records well-organized.

You will be able to set up a cron job to schedule the removal or archiving and put archived orders back whenever you need them.

Advantages of Delete/ Archive Orders extension

Delete/Archive Orders is a vital extension for Magento store owners, as it provides them with an opportunity to:

Automate Order Records Handling

The solution allows to schedule order deletion and/or archiving of irrelevant order records. You will be able to adjust this process to your specific business workflows and so get your orders deleted or archived automatically just when you need it, reducing the precious time spent on order handling.

Improve Document Keeping Accuracy

Keeping the order grid well-organized is key to achieving the overall accuracy of document management at any store. Merchants using our extension are able to perform the timely clear-out of unnecessary orders and corresponding documents, ensuring that the order grid always remains up-to-date and neat.

Accelerate Order Fulfillment

The efficient and accurate order keeping brings a high level of control and transparency into the order management and fulfillment process. This streamlines order processing times, resulting in a faster and more optimized order execution.

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Enhanced Order Management Functionality

  • Delete and archive order records from the orders workspace and their page views
  • Remove orders in bulk from the orders grid
  • Take individual orders away from the workspace
  • Remove all order-related documents (invoices, shipments, and credit memos)
  • Remove orders from customer accounts

Scheduled Order Deletion and Archiving

  • Configure a cron job to automate order removal
  • Delete and archive orders on schedule (weekly, monthly - just as you need!)
  • Set up a cron job based on the order creation date (e.g., orders older than 1 year)
  • Create a cron job based on the order status (e.g., canceled orders)

Custom Actions for Archived Orders

  • Get a new page with archived orders in the admin panel
  • Delete archived orders and data linked to them
  • Put archived orders back along with related documents
  • Restore and delete individual orders (can be applied to mass orders too!)

Delete/ Archive Orders plugin Benefits

  1. Get your Magento orders under full control
  2. Optimize your order grid by archiving existing orders
  3. Save your time by setting scheduled order removals
  4. Ensure advanced order management practice by assigning order deletion and archiving permissions by user role with Magento 2 Advanced Permission
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All Features of Delete / Archive Orders for Magento 2 plugin

  • Remove / archive orders in bulk from the orders grid
  • Remove orders from customer accounts
  • Configure a cron job to automate order archiving or removal
  • Get a new page with archived orders in the admin panel
  • Remove all order-related documents (invoices, shipments, and credit memos)
  • Restore archived orders together with all related documents
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3 Customer Reviews

  • Naomi P,
    Aug 10, 2018

    The extension is so simple to use. I experiment a lot on my staging site, and it helps me clean up orders tab from time to time. The manual that comes with the extension is a nice addition, helped me with the installation. All in all, it appeared to be not that hard.

  • Leo,
    May 12, 2018

    Nice and light module to delete all old orders. I keep my records neat thanks to this little helper. And this can be automated, so once I set the rules and schedule them, I don’t need to think about old orders anymore.

  • raquel,
    Apr 24, 2018

    Love that i can archive in bulk!


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    Is it possible to test an Aitoc extension on a staging site before going live?

    It is possible. You are able to install and set up any Aitoc module on a test environment before making changes on your production site.

    How can I pay for Aitoc extensions?

    Easy as pie! You may choose one of the most popular ways to pay: PayPal or via credit card. All payment transactions are carried out in full compliance with the confidentiality requirements and security standards.

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    You may reach Aitoc support via:

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    Customer satisfaction is our priority. We do our best to demonstrate appreciation for our new and existing users. If you buy Aitoc extensions on a regular basis, you may be eligible for a discount.

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    For sure. Once you buy any Aitoc extension, you’ll get free lifetime updates for the product. You’ll also have 90 days of free support.

    How can I use the Aitoc repository?

    The Aitoc repository is aimed to facilitate and speed up the process of our extensions installation and update.

    Work with the repository will require installing the Composer on your server. This package manager of the PHP software allows updating and installing scripts on your site.

    Can I use one license on multiple websites and staging/test hosts?

    Separate Magento installations require purchasing separate licenses because the Aitoc License Agreement allows using one copy of Aitoc software on one Magento production installation.

    The extensions are not domain related. If you run each website one Magento installation, then you may use one license.

    Find out more about Aitoc License Agreement here.

    Can I match Aitoc extensions with 3rd party themes?

    All Magento extensions by Aitoc are tested on three most popular themes (Ultimo, Luma, and Porto) by default.

    Are the extensions by Aitoc mobile-friendly?

    Mobile availability is the current trend, that's why we find it crucial to test and optimize all Aitoc extensions for mobile-friendliness.

    How to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

    Use Aitoc one-stop migration service to get all the details about database migration, migrating custom-built functionality and design, and migrating advanced SEO settings. Contact our support team ( to learn more.


Change log

Feature Request

Ver. 1.0.3 - Released April 10, 2018

Magento 2.2.3 compatibility fix

Ver. 1.0.0 - Released April 4, 2018

Initial Release
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