Free Gift for Magento 2

  • Auto add free products to cart
  • Set rules — buy 1 get 1 free, buy X get Y
  • Generate and send coupons to reactivate clients
  • Manage rules easily via the dashboard
  • Combine several rules to maximize effectiveness
  • Analyze stats to optimize promo campaigns


Magento 2 Free Gift With Purchase

The most powerful Magento 2 promotional gift extension that allows to auto add free products to cart via easy to create rules. You can configure rules the way you want. Set a free or discount product and its quantity, adjust cart conditions, rule duration and more.

Reward customers when they spend a needed sum or buy a specific product. Drive attention to bonus offers with banners and pop-up messages showing when the gift is auto added to cart. Our Magento 2 gift extension makes it easy to create, run and optimize your promotional product campaign.

Magento Free Gift With Purchase extension will help you:

  • Build smart promo campaigns using all-in-one extension
  • Boost repeated sales and customer loyalty with free gifts
  • Motivate customers to complete the purchase
  • Add free products to cart to reduce its abandonment
  • Promote sales and cross-sells of specific products
  • Inspire spontaneous purchases through bargain-hunting

Magento 2 Free Gift Main Features

Rule Categories to Auto Add Free Products

Reward your customers based on what products they buy, how many they spend or your custom scenario. 4 rule categories are supported:

  • Each Condition Match — Add gifts when rule conditions are met. E.g. a free T-shirt for every 2 added to cart (buy 4 get +2 free)
  • Matched Cart Condition — Add gifts when the cart condition is satisfied. E.g. If a Hoodie is found in the cart, add a free T-shirt
  • Total Cart Amount — Add gifts when the specified cart amount is met. E.g. If a customer spends $200, add a free bonus product
  • Extra Quantity — Add the extra amount of specified products if rule conditions are satisfied

One Tab to Set and Configure Rules

With Magento add free gift to cart extension you can create a rule in less than a minute. All rule properties are combined in one tab and you only need to pick options from the drop-down menus.

  • Apply rules to different customer categories and stores
  • How many times to offer a gift and its quantity
  • Set rule properties like its date, discount type (amount or percent)
  • 3 product types: simple, virtual and downloadable
  • Set scenarios: rule conditions and outcomes
  • Combine several rules for flexible discounts and giveaways
  • Set rule priority to build smart promotional campaigns

Automatic Coupon Generation

Send coupon codes that customers can apply to cart or specific products. This is a perfect way to gain new clients or win back your lost ones. Coupons can be a discount or a give-away which clients apply to coupon field on a product or cart pages.

  • Set coupon quantity
  • Pick properties like code length and format
  • Add expiry date for urgency

Dashboard to Manage Your Promo Campaigns

View all rules listed by category in one dashboard with the most essential information. Configure your rules easily and make sure your clients won’t miss the bonus offers.

  • Adjust, enable or disable the rule via the dashboard
  • Set several rules and their priority
  • Notify customers with alert messages “free item added”
  • Place banners with bonus offers
  • Drive maximum effectiveness from your bonus offers

Statistics to Track Rule Effectiveness

Monitor how your gifts perform via statistic dashboard. Test, iterate and find the best-performing rules and those that don’t convert effectively.

  • Filter rules by day, month or year
  • Analyze the triggered actions
  • View the number of orders placed and completed
  • Export data in CSV or Excel

Inform Customer About Your Promo Campaigns

With the Free Gift for Magento 2 extension, you will automatically get the additional Promo Banners Light for Magento 2 extension that allows you to advertise store promotions or show various news and events more quickly and appealing to customers. With the module, you can stimulate customers to buy more and increase income.


We aim to keep our modules regularly updated with new features, bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

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1.0.7 - June 7th 2021

+Added compatibility with Magento 2.4

+Added compatibility with PHP 7.4

*Fixed compilation issue

*Fixed an error whilst editing products in the admin panel

1.0.5 - February 24th 2020

+Backward compatibility with Magento 2.1

1.0.4 - May 18th 2020

+Add pagination

1.0.3 - January 11th 2020

+Add Guide link in extension Rules Dashboard

*Fix cart refresh issue when customer is logged in

*Fix issues with Rules Statistics filters

1.0.2 - December 26th 2019

+add Aitoc Banners module into the package. Brand new powerful banners functionality are included.

+Use image, WYSIWYG editor or CMS block. A banner could be attached to every layout handle. Cart conditions are available.

1.0.1 - November 27th 2019

+Fixed issues with compilation

1.0.0 - August 7th 2019

+Initial release

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