Helpdesk for Magento 2

  • High-quality all-in-one support system
  • Faster ticket resolution & reduced requests queues
  • Convenient department channels with agents
  • User-friendly interface and improved mobility
  • Wide integration abilities
  • Maximum customer satisfaction and revenue growth


Helpdesk Extension to Empower Your Customer Support

A handy Help Desk extension is the solution for customer support and ticket management. You can easily integrate it with your Magento 2 store.

The extension helps to handle problems that come in, organize your store’s data and customers’ requests and improve the efficiency of the entire support staff. The module provides a complete client view at the ticket panel, a two-way email integration, data consistency even for unregistered consumer and much more.

How the extension empowers your business?

  • Provides advanced service with high-quality support and help content
  • Increases your customer success without increasing service costs, maximizing the support teams' efficiency.
  • Contributes to the best experience by offering support right inside your own store.

Launch Your Community-Driven Support. All in One Place

  • Friendly Help Desk Interface
    The thorough analysis of support staff performing has resulted in a perfectly designed program interface that contains all vital customers' details within a ticket view. Spent reward points or store credit, product returns, assigned orders, full order and ticket histories, and other details are available and seen here.

    The thorough analysis of support staff performing has resulted in a perfectly designed program interface that contains all vital customers' details within a ticket view. Spent reward points or store credit, product returns, assigned orders, full order and ticket histories, and other details are available and seen here.
  • Mobile Access
    According to the latest research, more than half of customers prefer to communicate with support agents through mobile devices.

    The Help Desk for Magento 2 stores totally addresses this requirement. The well-designed mobile interface provides complete real-time access to the customer service desk.

All Data in One Ticket Panel

The powerful Help Desk functionality ensures handling every ticket by support agents in efficient ways.

There is no need to switch between tabs while gathering additional customer details in the ticket panel. You may find all the required data in one ticket page. This includes customers’ details, reward points or store credit balance, assigned orders and relevant items, order history and complete ticket list.

The interface allows assigning tickets from the frontend or backend and ensures that each ticket will be associated with a relevant order.

From the Right Help Desk Tool to the High-Quality Customer Service

Routine and day-to-day challenges in the work of support agents are inevitable. Email handling is what really requires a strong grip. Every day agents receive millions of requests and they should be able to convert these inquiries into customer tickets automatically.

The complete two-way sync of the email accounts is available with the extension. Customers and agents send messages and reply directly from their mailboxes and the extension divide all content into the right ticket threads. You also get editable email templates for all kinds of outgoing emails.

The contact form integration in the Help Desk prevents missing the requests. The native Magento contact form integration turns each submitted web form into a ticket, routing it to a relevant agent.

Specify Department Channels and Assign Agents

Departments aim to cater to specific client demands. For example, Logistics, Procurement, Accounting, etc. With the help of powerful Help Desk for Magento stores, you may assign corresponding departments and direct customer inquiries right there.

In the Help Desk solution, your departments can be represented by agents who can view tickets from other departments. There is also an opportunity for your customers to select a department on the frontend.

The native Magento multi-store supported by the Help Desk allows creating various store views to support multiple languages.

Internal Channels and External Consistency

Add notes to current tickets to let other agents see the necessary information. Help Desk extension cares about all internal communications are hold them in ticket threads, keeping invisible to clients.

If customers do not have a store account, they are able to utilize all the features of Magento Help Desk extension as well, without being logged in. The system will just send an email ticket with a link to access.

Support agents and customers will never lose track of their communications as when an unregistered client sends a request and creates an account with the same email, the Help Desk adds previously created tickets to the customer account.

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1.0.3 - December 30th 2021

*Fixed error when creating new helpdesk department

*Fixed issue when a user opens helpdesk ticket in admin

*Fixed issue with adding internal note on helpdesk ticket

1.0.2 - June 21st 2021

+Added Magento 2.4 compatibility

+Added PHP 7.4 compatibility

*Fixed compilation issue

1.0.1 - May 20th 2020

*Minor issues fix

1.0.0 - August 21st 2019

+Initial release

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Why choose Aitoc?
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22 years old

We've been providing Magento modules since 2007. Our company was formed in 2001.

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Satisfied clients

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High quality software

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