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Magento Audit Service
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Magento Audit Service

Magento Audit Service
Facing problems with your Magento website? Our Audit service provides a thorough report showing you the state of the code, SEO, front-end performance, server performance, and much more.

Our expert engineers and implementation specialists will give you a prioritised list of things that will improve your site in a number of areas.

Turnaround time is as little as one week.

    Magento Audit Service

    Contact us to find out more about the service and to get a quotation for the service.

    Are your sales being held back by problems with your Magento 2 website?

    That's why we created our Magento Audit service. It takes the pain and uncertainty out of finding the problems holding back your website's success. The service gives you a 360° view on the website, finding all that's good and bad.

    We don't just look at the code, we look at the entire website. Our senior developers and implementation staff will look at your website code, Magento configuration, server performance, SEO, best practice and a whole lot more.

    The thorough audit that you will receive, which is typically more than 60 pages in detail, gives you everything you need to know to improve your website.

    A well maintained Magento system is the key to reduced running costs, and will facilitate your ecommerce growth.

    Not just code

    Our audits deliver so much more than just looking at the code!

    As well as the code, we look at the SEO, front-end performance (including core web vitals), Magento configuration, application of best practice, integrations, API coverage, GraphQL coverage, data audit (entities, attributes, and more), server infrastructure, security and more.

    The audit document is equally useful for developers as it is for business owners.

    Code coverage

    We document every module, every patch, every theme, in detail. We provide the business purpose of all of these - even the bespoke code. This rapidly accelerates your understanding of your website and highlights problems clearly.

    We compare the installed modules' versions against the current release versions from those vendors in order to discover out of date code. We show you what will be fixed if they are upgraded. We also show every module's compatibility with the latest versions of Magento as well as PHP. This can massively de-risk, and help you scope, upgrade projects and help you ascertain future maintainability.

    Critical issues list

    We clearly list critical issues, and these enable you to focus on the things that need to be done. Equally, all things that we find are "graded" so that you have a clear prioritised list of things that will impact your future development/implementation roadmap.

    For the code base, we check and rank the code to determine its future maintainability. This can be an important metric to determine how difficult it will be to support the existing code base over time.

    Front-end performance

    We pay very close attention to the browser performance of your website, especially in context to Google's core web vitals metrics.

    In most cases, we can provide practical steps that will enable you to achieve performance scores of 95% easily, and with minimal development.

    Our experience in this area is vital to your website being properly ranked on Google.


    We also report on the security of both the hosting environment and the code base. In checking the code, we check against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures profiles, OWASP and SANS, on a module-by-module basis allowing you to actively know the risks and vulnerabilities found.

    Hosting infrastructure

    We look at the hosting configuration to determine if this is configured appropriately for the website(s). We look at Application Performance Management tools, such as New Relic, to determine bottlenecks caused by the code in that hosted environment.

    Fast turn around

    Depending upon the complexity of your website, we can turn around an audit in as little as one week. So why wait? If you have been worried about the state of your website, then our expert team can quickly give you the information you need the right decisions.

    Whitelabel service available

    We also offer a whitelabel service for agencies that enables you to offer the service to your clients. Reports can be rebranded and offered as your own.
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