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Magento 2 Migration Service

Magento 2 Migration Service

Magento 2 Migration Service
Take advantage of fast and effortless Magento 2 migration service. We will carefully guide you through the process migrating your data, SEO value, creating design and building custom functionality.

    Magento Migration Service

    We simplify the migration procedure to Magento 2 for store owners. Contact us and we will give you a proper consultation.

    There are factors needed to be taken into consideration before getting on the Magento 2 train

    First of all choose the right time for a transition. Downtime is unavoidable when such important changes take place. And if sales are at their peaks with orders flowing in every millisecond, downtime could turn out to be disastrous for your operations at the moment and harmful for your reputation forever.

    So if you are in the middle of your shopping season, a wise decision would be to postpone migration until your sales will return to their average level. Remember, data safety first.

    Careful planning will guarantee that your Magento 2 store will be a comprehensive system with all the necessary functionality.

    Also, if you are currently completely satisfied with your Magento 1 performance, keep in mind that you have a plenty of time to plan and outline your Magento 2 migration. There is no urgent need in rushing it. You need careful planning in order not to lose your performance score, which might be possible during the transaction period.

    In order to successfully overcome all the challenges the migration process might create for your store, you need to have an integral migration plan. We could be your personal assistants in its creation. As soon as themes, custom code and extensions are impossible to transfer to Magento 2, we will think about innovative ways of recreating the same design and functionality in a new version. At this point you may not need certain extensions, so it is better to drop their functionality while creating a M2 website.

    Briefly we describe this process in the following way:

    Choose the right time
    Created with Sketch.
    Outline a general approach
    Created with Sketch.
    Find an experienced consultant
    Created with Sketch.
    Start the migration
    Created with Sketch.
    Created with Sketch.
    Created with Sketch.
    Choose the right time
    Outline a general approach
    Find an experienced consultant
    Start the migration

    Document all the functionality you need to migrate and write down design requirements, so you would get a framework of design and technical features needed to be implemented. Below you will find a few ideas how we execute the migration in a consistent and effective manner.

    The upgrading service includes:

    1. Database Migration
    2. Building Custom Functionality
    3. SEO Data Migration
    4. Design Creation

    Migration process

    Database migration. After setting up a new Magento 2 installation, the first and most important thing you need to do is migrating your data. It is an important step to take, keeping in mind all the peculiarities of the process. To minimize downtime and prevent data loss we apply the migration of incremental changes. These are changes added through the store by your customers since the last time data migration happened. It is a necessary procedure as the migration is conducted in several stages in order to migrate everything without exceptions for the new data appeared at the moment when the migration has already started.

    Only standard Magento data is migrated. It includes the migration of settings, attributes, orders, customers, media and store data. Migration of data created by extensions is an additional service, the cost of which would significantly differ depending on extensions and data types, etc. To evaluate the scope, we need to take a look at these details.

    Let's discuss your migration project. Contact us

    Standard package includes migration of settings, attributes, orders, customers, media and store data.

    Building custom functionality. Every store is a unique combination of dependencies, extensions and custom build functionality. Due to a drastic difference between two systems, migration of extensions and custom code is not possible. A standard approach is installing Magento 2 extensions. But in the majority of cases you can not recreate the whole range of functionality with ready-to-go modules. If there are specific business processes, that need to be reflected in the Magento functionality, the only option is custom development.

    SEO data migration. We understand that good SEO value does not appear in one day and is extremely important for your web store. If you are using third party SEO software or take advantage of SEO extensions or custom SEO modules, one of your biggest concerns would be whether a new store is going to keep all the important values this software has created. Exhale, we keep it under control. Our SEO team use unique software which lets you save your link structure and valuable SEO data like custom URL formats, meta data templates, redirects, cross-links, markup tags, etc. We will also analyze your current SEO setup and provide recommendations for its improvement.

    Design creation. It is impossible to transfer M1 design template to M2 version. But if you are completely satisfied with the look of your current website, it is still possible to implement it in a new M2 website, creating new HTML files from PSD. If you have PSD source files, we could create an M2 compatible design template which would look exactly like the M1 version design.

    At the same time, migration is a great chance to redesign your store. It is time to deal with all the design imperfections you’ve always noticed, but had no time to address seriously. If you have fresh ideas, our design team could give you a usability consultation and create a new look for your store based on new requirements.

    We have experience migrating from M1 Community to M2 Enterprise and from M1 Enterprise to M2 Community. With several Enterprise Cloud projects in our pocket we could perform migration to this version as well.

    If you are not sure whether you are ready for migration to M2, but still worried that your Magento version is outdated, you should consider to upgrade your website first.

    Tell us more about your migration plans. We will be happy to give you a proper consultation.

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