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    Large vendor of extreme sports equipment

    Successful Magento - SAP Integration. Automation of processes.

    Having websites for different countries, the extreme sports equipment vendor was suffering from the problem of the price inconsistency between one SKU in European and US stores and needed a sufficient SAP - Magento integration.


    • Make a Magento - SAP integration
    • Divide SAP inventory feed
    • Provide the equal pricing for European and US stores
    • Display complete prices (with applicable taxes) for each store view

    Magento SAP integration

    SAP - Magento integration

    Our primary challenge was to provide the client with the lossless SAP - Magento integration.

    The SAP - Magento integration is a complicated goal to achieve. First of all, because SAP is a massive and complex ERP system to manage inner business processes and secondly, it is a great deal to guarantee a full compatibility out of the box.

    Prices division

    The client wanted to split up prices for different countries, according to the currency and taxes calculation.

    To implement it, we provided the tax calculation via different systems:

    1. Taxes for the European store views were calculated and added in Magento after the base prices had been fed by SAP feeds.
    2. Taxes for the US store views were calculated and added via the Vertex tax engine that was in the use of our client.

    Price updating control

    Our client was faced with the incorrect price updating.

    The prices were set on the website level and when our client changed the particular product’s price for one store view, it automatically updated for second one.

    He was looking forward to our advice: how to split up pricing based on the store view. To solve the problem, we developed an effective system, which is unnoticeable for buyers and, what's more important, can be easily managed by admins.

    Looking for an effective solution, we used the Cost-Based Pricing extension, but it only worked on the website level. Getting it to work on the store view level, we involved a significant volume of development and generated separate store views for different websites.

    Just in case, to edit prices in each store view individually in Magento admin panel directly, without waiting for the SAP feed, we added a new Multi-Price menu to each product. So our client has a very useful option to edit only one price. If any information from SAP comes in the incorrectly way, Magento system will keep the previous price.

    Split inventory

    The task was related to the Multi-Location Inventory extension for Magento EE.

    Our client has several stores in Europe and USA. To manage the real availability of goods in the particular country, split inventory is the most effective solution. The split inventory allows admins and customers to get up-to-date data about items' quantity in the corresponding warehouse. In our case, it helped the client to understand the goods relevance and supply stores with necessary items.


    As you see, sometimes tasks seem to be tricky, but we are ready to cope with them. During this case we had an opportunity to collaborate with the SAP team to divide our charges. This fruitful cooperation led to the successful-functioning e-commerce business and the user-friendly online store.

    The automation of business processes gave the client advantages to avoid monotonous processes of calculating and focus on the first-stage proceedings. All this work was done to make processes faster and charges fewer.

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