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Magento Order Management extensions

Ensure efficient order fulfillment by leveraging Magento order management extensions from Aitoc.
Orders Export and Import for Magento

Orders Export and Import for Magento 1

A flexible utility for exporting/importing Orders and Customer data in Magento.

25 reviews
$ 129
Pre-Orders for Magento

Pre-Orders for Magento 1

Mark in-stock or out-of-stock Magento product as available for Pre-Order in your store.

25 reviews
$ 89
Custom Order Number Pro for Magento

Custom Order Number Pro for Magento 1

Set custom numbers for Orders, Invoices, Shipments or Credit Memos in Magento.

22 reviews
$ 79
Enhanced Order Grid for Magento

Enhanced Order Grid for Magento 1

Get 2 new filtering options in Magento Orders grid: sort orders by SKU or by product name.

2 reviews
$ 59
Recurring Orders for Magento

Recurring Orders for Magento 1

Make it easy for customers to re-order the same items in your Magento store with a 'grocery list'.

Our specialized modules are designed to streamline order processing and keep your orders properly organized, resulting in increased data control, optimized inventory and so considerable cost savings.

By using proven tools for order handling, Magento store owners significantly streamline their order management routine and improve order accuracy. Let Aitoc extensions help you to automate Magento order export & import, enable flexible order grid customization and convenient order search and filtering. We also provide the ability to establish an effective order numbering practice at your store, as well as keep track of your orders and get detailed reports.

With our Magento extensions in place, you will take advantage from improved business performance, while your customers will enjoy the quality of your service.

Magento Export & Import Orders extension – Quickly transfer orders between different versions of Magento without any data loss or damage. Import and export order records from/to any third-party platforms in XML and CSV formats.

Magento Preorder & Backorder plugin – Allow your customers to place orders for soon-to-arrive items and get paid for them in advance. Automatically send email alerts to let your byers know the products they are interested in are back in stock.

Custom Order Number plugin for Magento 1 – Adjust your Magento document numbering practice to your specific business workflows by setting up custom ID numbers for orders, shipping documents, invoices and credit memos.

Magento Order Grid module – Get a complete view of all orders to improve order management at your store. Filter order records by product name or SKU and view order-related information right on a single order list page in your Magento admin panel.

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