Payment Restrictions for Magento 2

The Magento 2 Payment Restrictions module is an efficient solution for online store owners to manage access to payment methods for different product parameters and customer groups. It allows merchants to set up convenient payment conditions and limit payments according to product attributes, shipping methods, cart total, days and times, and backend/frontend orders. This module will help store owners balance the delivery cost and ensure reliable and safe payment methods for high-value orders.

  • Take payments management to an entirely new level, providing flexible rules to restrict payment methods
  • Restrict payment methods based on product and customer data
  • Use shipping information to limit payment methods
  • Regulate payment methods based on cart total
  • Apply limits on backend and frontend orders

Hyvä compatible

The extension is compatible with the Hyvä theme.


Make Your Payment System Great Again

Does your payment system perform not well enough? Are there any issues that require urgent optimization? If yes, then you are in the right place. Getting payments is one of the essential business requirements. That is why online store owners constantly care about efficient payment management. An E-commerce business involves various payment methods, but not all are suitable for each client or order.

Fortunately, there is a helpful solution - Payment Restrictions for Magento 2. The module empowers e-commerce business owners to set up convenient payment conditions and manage access to payment methods for different product parameters and customer groups.

Adjust all payment processes by your business needs and boost your Magento 2 store productivity with the Magento 2 limit payment method.

Payment method restrictions according to Product Attributes

The module allows using product parameters to create Magento 2 products based on payment method restrictions. You can easily disable the check/money order method for not expensive goods or items of a certain material.

Limiting Payment methods depending on Shipping Methods

Use Magento 2 Payment Restrictions functionality to regulate payment based on particular shipping methods. It will help you balance the delivery cost (charged by third parties) and the possible risky challenges of the customers’ orders.

Limiting/disabling Payment methods based on Cart Total

Another essential feature the Magento 2 Payment Restrictions extension provides is the ability to regulate payment methods depending on the cart total.

Naturally, all store owners take special care of high-value orders. Therefore, they need such reliable and safe payment methods as Wire Transfers. You may select the condition as Cart Subtotal and apply the payment rule with the most appropriate option.

Restrict Payment methods for Certain Days and Times.

The Magento 2 Payment Restrictions functionality allows setting specific days and times when the payment method will be limited. For example, if your store doesn’t work on Saturday and Sunday, you can restrict all the methods for these days.

Applying Payment Limits on Backend and Frontend Orders

The module empowers merchants to set payment restrictions on the front end and in the admin panel.

Sometimes admins forget that particular Magento payment gateways can not be used for some customers or situations. To avoid such cases, set the restrictions to apply in the admin panel.

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1.0.5 - February 2nd 2023

*Fixed issue with From/To Time condition for applying the rule

1.0.4 - September 27th 2022

*Fixed product detail page error when Paypal payment method is configured and enabled

1.0.3 - May 13th 2022

+Added PHP 8.1 compatibility

+Added Magento 2.4.4 compatibility

*Fixed issue with Payment method titles when creating payment restriction rule

1.0.2 - October 29th 2021

+Added multi-address checkout support

1.0.1 - October 4th 2021

+Added compatibility for PHP 7.4

+Added compatibility for Magento 2.4

*Fixed issue when installing module using zip

1.0.0 - November 23rd 2019

+Extension release

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