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Performance optimization

When it comes to website performance optimization, low speed is one of the main issues that Magento store owners face. The following things can be improved to increase website’s speed:

  • Static resources
  • Code
  • Database
  • Server
  • Cache
compressing and merging

Static Resource Optimization

File compression and merging is the common approach to speeding up Magento store performance. It is also the most widely used and efficient method of JavaScript optimization. The merging of JS and CSS files decreases their number, thus reducing the number of web server connections and increasing page load speed.

compressing and merging


These methods reduce the number of server connections, thus significantly decreasing load speed.

At Aitoc, we use smart compression techniques to significantly decrease file sizes while image resolution remains intact. The compression is carried out either manually or with the help of a custom script.

Another option is a content delivery network (CDN). It is extremely handy for online stores that serve customers all over the world, as it minimizes latency time and helps web pages to deliver static content to geographically scattered audiences at extremely high speed.

Code Optimization

We clean the code by reviewing it and removing all unused or redundant fragments (usually unfinished functional blocks left by developers) that the system perceives as working units. The system slows down core processes by executing these code fragments during each page load.

Database Optimization

Databases rarely need any tweaking, as merchants get an optimized and stabilized system by setting up a database in the default Magento. To make the database to work faster, a simple HDD upgrade can be applied in most cases.

If they need a more complex solution, the deployment of Magento components (e.g., database) on different servers along with the optimization of database queries can help, though it will require more system administrator’s hours on a regular basis.

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Server Optimization

The server optimization process involves both system and security fixes.

System fixes help set up a perfect environment for Magento. Some vulnerabilities can take place, no matter whether you run a physical server, a VPS, a shared hosting or any other solution. They get fixed with security patches from time to time.

Implementation of changes and testing them on a staging server first is the best practice of server maintenance. Once the changes are tested and a customer’s approval is received, developers upload these changes to the live server.

Security fixes are made by installing patches. The automatic installation can be executed if there are no modifications in core Magento files. In case there are any modifications, patches can be applied manually, though it will take much time.

Cache Optimization

Efficient cache management can help merchants boost pages’ load speed and improve the overall web store’s performance significantly. Our Full Page Cache Booster is an out-of-the-box solution that tackles different cache-related issues. Full page caching, cache warm-up, JavaScript files compression, and dynamic block caching are some of its features that let store owners increase load speed by 2-3 times.

Tailor-made Optimization Processes

We understand that each case is unique, and there is no quick fix. Aitoc is ready to help merchants optimize their sites’ performance by combining its expertise with powerful tools like it has done it for hundreds of store owners.

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Other Optimization Services

By optimizing their Magento stores business owners gain a competitive advantage since their websites become more productive. The following issues must be considered when it comes to web store optimization:

Development services

We know how to make Magento work for an online business by developing advanced functionality and extensions.

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