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Reward Policy

Active shoppers’ behavior deserves a reward. We are happy to offer an advanced reward program for our active customers to make their shopping experience better.

Join Us and Start Saving

  • Cumulative approach: the more products you buy, the more you earn back
  • Real money instead of points with additional exchange rates
  • Spending your earning right away without any need to have a minimum amount
  • Different kinds of rewards for virtually anything
  • Rewards are available at numerous pricing levels

Our rewards program is aimed to inspire you to keep coming back for more. There is no need to bother with tracking points and convert them into store credit. We propose real money.

We hope that this is a piece of good news for you and a great way to encourage larger orders and repeat visits.

Every reward option offers tiers that allow you to take advantage of the increased value proposition when it makes sense.

Join Us and Start Saving
 How to Get Money Back?

How to Get Money Back?

Earning rewards is as easy as pie and it happens automatically. All you need is to follow the simple steps:

  • Create your account at Aitoc.com
  • Complete the reward conditions listed below
  • Receive money for each action
  • Spend your earnings to buy Aitoc products and services

Get Money Back for Your Purchases and Special Activities

Enjoy the products and let the shopping begin. You will get money back to your account when your order is reported to us.
Money bonuses will be rewarded for the following actions:

  • Get $1 for each $10 spent. Recieved credit amount will increase by 50% after $1000 spent at our store, i.e. you will get $1.5 for every $10 spent after $1000, and $2 — after $2000. Important: The rewards do not apply to Premium Support or Custom Development.
  • $5 for registration
  • $5 for a birthday celebration (the date must be specified in the profile)
  • $10 for linking to our extension in your blog
  • $25 for posting about our extension in your blog
  • $5 every anniversary of account registration
  • $5 for newsletter subscription
  • $5 for the review on a purchased product
Get Money Back for Your Purchases and Special Activities
Get Money Back for Your Purchases and Special Activities

Important Stuff

  • Note that there is no possibility for partners to earn money bonuses for orders.
  • Unused rewards expire 90 days after being rewarded.
  • The reward program does not presume custom payments.
  • US Dollar is the default store currency, including the money that you get according to the reward program.
  • The Store Credits do not apply to Professional Installation, Premium Support or Custom Development

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