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Security optimization

The importance of security for efficient Magento store management is hard to overestimate, and merchants do their best to take all the possible security issues into account. They may end up with such an unwieldy setup that is next to impossible to manage. So, it is vital to strike a balance between security and technical complexity to ensure smooth work of the store.

Here are the most frequent security issues that merchants face.

Permission Setup

Magento permissions must be configured correctly, but store owners sometimes fail to do that the right way. Being set incorrectly, permissions can compromise the overall store security. On the flip side, too restrictive permissions can harm the store’s work, too.

Proper setup of permissions is a must for any web store.

Core File Modification

The core file modification may not let security patches to be installed automatically, and that’s why developers should think twice before introducing any changes to these files. Any modifications may require manual installation of security patches, that will take much time and effort.

Timely Patching

As one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, Magento is a honeypot for hackers who target vulnerabilities in its code. New security patches are released on a regular basis, and they must be installed as soon as they are pushed to keep away unwanted intruders.

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Third-Party Extensions and Applications

Any third-party extensions and applications may be vulnerable to malware and hacker attacks, and that’s why their usage a risky business. So, it’s better to employ the latest versions of trusted third-party solutions where most security issues are likely to be properly addressed.

Redundant and useless extensions and applications are one more case. They may lead to undesired system load and the overall security of the system may be affected.

SSL Certificate

SSL encryption has turned into an absolute must for websites, especially for e-commerce ones, as they manage sensitive customer data. However, configuring an SSL certificate is a challenging task that requires professional expertise like the one we have.

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Websites that are already protected by SSL may also deal with vulnerabilities that some encryption protocols contain. It’s essential to fix these issues in a timely manner by detecting any of them with the help of different diagnostic tools, such as SSL checkers that review the safety of the SSL configuration.

Brute-Force Attacks

Website owners often face brute-force attacks that are aimed at getting access to user accounts by guessing login details. Magento store owners must protect their sensitive data, such as customer personal details, credit card and other payment info, sales data, etc. against these attacks.

Being configured incorrectly, not monitored actively and having no protection in place, your Magento store can become extremely vulnerable to brute-force attacks.

The monitoring of inbound connections to a specific range of ports 24/7 and banning and blacklisting IP addresses where the suspicious activity comes from can help merchants properly protect their servers. The usage of the latest antivirus software can also assist them in mitigating a risk of such attacks by checking files for malware and rootkits.

Absence of System Backups

It’s vital to back up a Magento site on a regular basis, as no security measures can guarantee a 100% uptime of the store. The system may go down at any time and merchants must double-check that no data can be lost.

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