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SEO optimization

Magento is one of the most SEO-friendly platforms, but some SEO issues need to be addressed. At Aitoc we are well aware of Magento’s SEO-related weak points, such as duplicate content and faulty layered navigation. We know how to fix them all to boost web store’s search engine rankings and drive traffic. Our approach combines automatic tools with manual configuration.

Our approach is based on the combination of an advanced SEO automation toolkit and manual configuration.

Store owners deal with a variety of SEO-related issues on a daily basis. Taken individually, these problems may not seem like a big deal, but they can easily put a dent in store’s SEO performance when they come together.

Having configured a large number of Magento stores, we’ve noticed that the following problems arise the most frequently.

Duplicate Content

Search engines index web pages to display relevant information to users. Identical (duplicate) content complicates things for their algorithms and you may see that your web page rankings have dropped because of that.

This problem can be approached by creating individual product and category templates with unique meta tags. This is especially important for multilingual stores, since each store view should have individual templates for different products and categories with unique meta tags in the appropriate language. That’s why we created software where multilingual templates pre-fill empty fields with unique SEO-friendly meta tags.

Boost your products reviews

Layered Navigation

Layered navigation is a popular feature among e-commerce stores, as it lets users find products they need. But by employing this feature store owners create duplicate content and low-quality pages that may harm the website’s presence in search results.

This issue can be tackled by making pages filtered by layered navigation SEO-friendly. There are some common strategies, such as setting a no index meta tag or a rel=canonical tag, using a robots.txt file to disallow them, and more.

Layered navigation, if configured properly, can work wonders for your store’s SEO ranking. This way you can take your site visitors straight to the product they are looking for, e.g. "18.23 inch Blue Star Wars lightsaber". Also, if you have no sub-categories in your store, pages filtered by layered navigation can take their place. Such changes will require more development work, but the results will be worth the effort.

Let your customers shop by brand

Maintaining SEO rankings when moving from HTTP to HTTPs

Getting an SSL certificate does not guarantee getting a better rank. A short-term drop in ranking is almost unavoidable, as different mistakes may arise: incorrect redirection, failure to update internal links, etc. They may extend the “dark” period up to several months, thus leading to a traffic and sales drop.

We apply our Magento development expertise to improve your store’s SEO.

Being pretty similar to website migration to a new domain, properly planned and implemented redirects can help store owners eliminate any possible issues that may occur. Aitoc can prep your online store for HTTP-to-HTTPs migration in advance by mapping out the timeline for its execution (we recommend carry out migration during the low season if possible). We make sure to the SEO value is preserved during the transfer and monitor changes after it to ensure that the HTTPs version is fully optimized.

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By optimizing their Magento stores business owners gain a competitive advantage since their websites become more productive. The following issues must be considered when it comes to web store optimization:

Development services

We know how to make Magento work for an online business by developing advanced functionality and extensions.

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