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Paid Support

Support Hours for Community or Enterprise Edition

Based on 50 reviews
Development Support for Magento
The Aitoc Magento support team helps you solve any problem with your store quickly and efficiently.
    Support Hours

    Paid vs Free Support

    All users of our Magento extensions receive Free Support via email for life.

    The Aitoc team of highly-qualified specialists will answer any extension-related or Magento-related question via email for free - as long as we’re not required to actually work on your host.

    At the same time, we provide Development Support services on a paid basis. As part of this service, we perform different tasks:

    • Magento development
    • Magento customization
    • Magento extension conflict/incompatibility resolution.

    Note: we don’t charge you for project management or project planning/estimate - only for the actual work done.

    30 minutes of Development Support are included with every Magento extension you buy from Aitoc. You can use this pre-paid support time during 6 month since the purchase, that is within your free updates period. Please note that, with each license update (at 25% off), you get another round of free updates/30 minutes of Development Support.

    Support Warranty

    All support comes with a one-week warranty. After a support task has been performed, you can request additional work if the changes performed by our Support Team have not lead to the results we agreed upon before the work started. However, the warranty is void if, within the warranty period, you or a third-party developer make changes to the project code. For legal description of our Support Conditions, please refer to this document.

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    50 Customer Reviews

    • Elad Zachor,
      Aug 16, 2016

      I had a problem with magento's logging file. Aitoc's development has resolved this issue quickly. Great service.

    • Eddie Choi,
      Jul 28, 2016

      I tried other navigations but I think it is the best layered navigation in the market. Functionality wise, there is nothing bad I can mention about. Their customer service is good and they know what they are doing. However if your magento theme is customized, it may not work on your website and have to spend extra money to resolve some compatibility issues. I expected the installation fee includes the troubleshooting but it includes only the installation. If any issues come up, you have to pay to have them fixed. In my case I had to pay 7 hours(almost $600 plus the installation fee) and it took several weeks to make them properly working. When it was initially installed, nothing was working at all as they advertise on their website. Some companies troubleshoot all the issues for free of charge but this company doesn't provide such the free support. I think they only provide the free email support to let you know how to fix issues. To sum up, they provide the great product and service but you may end up with paying extra $$ to fix issues if your website is customized or not coded well.

    • Abnus,
      Apr 28, 2016

      Hi,my custom preview option didn't work. I talked to Aitoc support team, and they found the solution very fast. In options module they changed field "Extended confirmation text for the popup" to no newline. Thank you so much.

    • DiscountCoffee.com,
      Feb 2, 2016

      I reached to their support team to ensure the new Magento security patches were compatible with my extensions from Aitoc, which I had purchased a while back and did not have support hours for. The support team was very fast in responding, and even tested the patches for me against their extensions in question at NO Cost to me. They kept me informed through the entire process and I am very pleased with their support and attention to detail. Highly recommend Aitoc.

    • Tomas H.,
      Dec 28, 2015

      Got excellent and fast support for older module which was in conflict with another extension!

    • Great Support !,
      Dec 15, 2015

      I have used Aitoc for 2 projects now, the first was with Magento version 1.4 and this time around 1.9.The support has been great, they managed to fix my compatibility issue (Ajax) in good time.A special thanks to Ilya Yermalinski for your hard work and guidance.

    • Denny Photonovelty,
      Nov 25, 2015

      To all the Aitoc staff!!Hats off!! Great Work. Thanks. Pleased with your service. Quick response and help.Gave detailed information on how to upgrade Aitoc module manager. STEP BY STEP!!Thanks a lot again.

    • Alex,
      Nov 4, 2015

      Victor was very responsive and answered my question perfectly. Great job.

    • Erwin,
      Sep 8, 2015

      This extension has everything I needed. I had a small issue with my custom template, but support was quick and told me how to fix it. Also this extension already comes with Dutch and French translations, which you don't see very often. I had to change some of these translations, but the main part was good translated!

    • Michael,
      Jul 17, 2015

      Excellent support and quick response.

    • Mat,
      May 11, 2015

      I wanted to remove the resizing option and they could help me instantly. One day later, I asked for another thing, and they fixed it again!!Thanks a lot!

    • Germán,
      Mar 23, 2015

      Mr. Victor Kravtsov helped me solve a problem with access to the website to download the product. Fast and efficient. GREAT! 5 stars

    • Waqas Shahzad,
      Mar 16, 2015

      Excellent support. Wow , I never thought they will provide that deep support. I have extension Extended Orders it had conflict with Aitoc Advance permissions. My developers tried to fix it but it was taking extra time. Aitoc support responded immaterially to my email and assigned a developer to look into the issue , he fixed it and copied a support folder with modified file and original file , how thoughtful. Definitely recommended.

    • steve hanson,
      Feb 27, 2015

      Superb support. I purchased the support package, within 5 minutes they had been in touch and within half an hour of ordering the extension was installed and working.

    • Carlos Zamora,
      Feb 23, 2015

      The support team was great. Help us in between 30-45 minutes to found the solution. Thank you Aitoc Team!

    • Sean Sun,
      Dec 31, 2014

      We purchased two extensions for our web site and there were quite a few moments when we needed to turn to the support team for help. The response was always within a day and everyone from the support team seemed to be knowledgeable enough to resolve any issues we had. We couldn't be happier with the service. Will have no problem picking up more products from you guys again!

    • Rob,
      Nov 14, 2014

      I had an issue with the Custom Product Preview and contacted Aitoc support. The image masking functionality was not working when applied to an image. Victor and his support quickly resolved the issue, and got the extension working smoothly. I appreciate great customer support and that is what I have experienced so far with Aitoc.

    • Glenn Graham,
      Nov 5, 2014

      We had been using Splash Page for several years and had to move our Magento site to a new VPS server. While GoDaddy wasn't the most helpful, AITOC was excellent and continued to work with us to solve each successive problem (one fix would show up another issue) until our site was working perfectly.And they did all this for the original fixed price quote. It's rare to find such excellent quality support.While we were a bit frustrated that our store wasn't working for over a week, without AITOC's interactive help we might still be down. And as part of their work they upgraded our license as necessary.We couldn't be happier with AITOC and will use them for any Magento assistance, even if it doesn't involve their product. Thank you very much!

    • Maxime Asselin,
      Sep 25, 2014

      We run a really custom Magento setup and we needed AITOC to adapt one of their excellent extensions to our needs. We saved a lot of work hours by having the creators of the extension do the work for us. Meanwhile we could focus on implementing other features and merge their changes with ours easily.Don't hesitate to make AITOC a part of your team with their awesome support!

    • Fernando Lopes Maia,
      Sep 17, 2014

      The support was efficient and effective, solving all my queries and problems.

    • magento booster installation,
      Aug 26, 2014

      I purchased the magento booster extension with installation, the support team found an error and notified me about it, they installed the extension and it works great.

    • shweta trivedi,
      Jul 8, 2014

      Excellent support by Aitoc team for me. Thanks a lot.

    • Tristan,
      Jun 5, 2014

      We had an extension that was displaying errors. We only realized this once we were already out of our support guarantee after the purchase of the module. AITOC support was kind enough to give us a 30 minute "credit' because we hadn't used our initial free 30 minute support after we bought the product.They investigated the issue, found the problem and updated their extension for free. And fast too! All was fixed in a matter of 24 hours after reporting the issue. Wonderful support! Thank you, AITOC!

    • Rico,
      Jun 5, 2014

      thank you for your great support! Our problem was directly solved. Thanks to AITOC Team!

    • jb,
      May 13, 2014

      Had an issue with our install but developer fixed right away following morning - more importantly module saves ton of time good module good support both a must and both received

    • hm,
      Apr 28, 2014

      Works perfectly on 1.7 - excellent and quick support, even when individual customization is needed. Thanks!

    • Hernan,
      Apr 28, 2014

      I had a compatibility problem with Aitoc vBulletin Integration. The support team job was fast and solved the issue in minutes!Thanks to all members of the support team!!

    • Quick and spot on support. They know what they are doing!,
      Apr 27, 2014

      No need to explain more. They have a great support team. Quick anwsers.

    • Welspun UK,
      Mar 31, 2014

      Excellent service and speedy response

    • Yolanda,
      Mar 24, 2014

      Awesome support team, I will call them again when need it. I am very satisfied with their work and wish to work again with AITOC. Outstanding!

    • Christoph,
      Feb 27, 2014

      To Victor and Alexander:- Perfect kind of Business. - Support is great and fast. - Product is absolutely usefull and easy to install, proper work after completed Setup.Thanks a lot....

    • Timo,
      Feb 21, 2014

      Great and very quick support ! 5 stars well earned

    • Lauren,
      Feb 17, 2014

      Excellent support. I had an issue where Aitoc files were overwitten on the server from an accidental upload. Aitoc support responded promptly and was able to quickly restore the overwritten files and retain all of my customizations.

    • Andrei Popescu,
      Feb 4, 2014

      Very good support. I have a problem with the refresh of the cart on some custom functionality that I've created on Checkout booster and the support team replay to my ticket very fast and helped me fix it in short time.I strongly recommend this!

    • iResources,
      Jan 31, 2014

      Great service and fixed issue really quickly. Will use again.

    • Neil,
      Jan 28, 2014

      installed the pre-order add-on myself, but ran into an error trying to activate it. Victor Kravtsov and the support staff resolved the issue quickly after copying my site to their own servers to test without interfering with my site.

    • Lorcan,
      Jan 28, 2014

      Bought this product and did the installation myself. Easy to install. Had a problem with dependencies in a multi tiered Custom Options configuration due to conflict with ajax checkout. This was investigated and fixed within a day.Great product and great support. Thoroughly recommend.Thanks Guys!

    • Sergio,
      Jan 27, 2014

      All perfect!Service, support and human :)

    • Toysguardian di Salvagno Antonio,
      Jan 23, 2014

      The 3 modules magento not working well. The speakers were free before, but then I paid for the service for my safety and solved quickly. The Team is fast answers in email, will buy again. Thanks from Italy.

    • Maria,
      Jan 20, 2014

      I had a problem with the Server Load Monitor extension which caused my website to crash that I could not access it in the back office and no one could see my site. The support team sorted the problem out very quickly which I am very grateful for.

    • Sebastian,
      Jan 20, 2014

      Perfect Service and Support!

    • Georg Ritschl,
      Jan 15, 2014

      I had a problem on my Magento website with group pricing not working. I was anticipating this to be some bug in the source code, maybe caused by conflicting extensions. After buying half an hour of support time, I submitted my problem with all necessary login details. Andrei from the AITOC support team asked a few questions to understand my problem more precisely and then found it was a switch dep in the customer configuration that needed to be set to "no". Simple thing but how is the user ever gonna find that... Now it all works perfectly well and I feel that was 44$ well spent. also resolved in a timeous manner, less than 24 hours from my request.

    • Daniel,
      Dec 13, 2013

      Very good support. They were always there even though the solution was difficult. Great support and customization of the module.

    • Brian A.,
      Nov 28, 2013

      Excellent support and the best go to company for Magento tech support. I am confident they can solve whatever problem I have either on the server or with an extension.

    • Fantastic service at a fantastic price,
      Oct 30, 2013

      Anatol and his team were awesome and really helped my in my project. We rolled out an AheadWorks module with some checkout customisation which was pretty smooth.Great service, quick response and will definitely be using again.

    • Nick,
      Oct 24, 2013

      What others couldn't do Aitoc did it in three hours. I'm very pleased with the solution Aitoc made for us!

    • Albert,
      Oct 17, 2013

      Vey good support. My problem was solved witin one day. The support team was very friendly. That is the way I like support!

    • Vince Frank,
      Oct 10, 2013

      Best IT support I've received ever.

    • Phil,
      Oct 9, 2013

      A great help! Very professional and quick response! Really saved the day!

    • Scoop-parfum Shoopinet,
      Oct 3, 2013

      To Andrey You did a taylor made job! with professionalism and kindness. thanks a lot...

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