Effective Tricks to Enhance Customer Service in Magento

Improve your customer service in Magento with our useful tips

Having a good customer service is crucial for ecommerce websites, just like for brick-and-mortar stores. Online stores providing such a service to all types of clients (existing, potential, and new ones) build trust with them and win customer loyalty, thus gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals.

In this article, we’re going to share some effective tips on improving the customer service in Magento.

Answer Questions about Your Products in Advance

An excellent customer service doesn’t always mean a direct interaction with customers. Demonstrate clients that you know them by giving answers to questions they may ask. You can achieve this by making product pages as detailed as possible.

Make sure to include comprehensive and accurate product descriptions and characteristics. Adorn product pages with multiple images and videos to show shoppers how your items look like in real life, as today images and videos are extremely useful when it comes to pre- and post-sales. Remember to mention relevant information about delivery costs and times, too.

Ensure Always-On Visibility of Contact Information

Give shoppers an opportunity to reach you whenever they need your assistance. Spare them the need to desperately search for contact details by displaying contact information like your email and telephone number on all the pages.

Letting clients easily communicate with your team if they face some issues or have any enquires will help you ensure a positive customer experience that will result in greater loyalty to your brand.

Guide Customers through the Shopping Process

To enhance customer service, you can leverage Shopping Assistant, a Magento extension, that introduces a virtual assistant to Magento stores. This solution lets shoppers find the necessary products with no effort.

The module allows Magento admins to create a set of questions to streamline the search. By answering questions offered by the Assistant, shoppers limit their search to only right products. Questions in each set a skippable, so there’s no need to answer them all.

Add FAQs and Return Policy Pages

Informative product pages aren’t enough to please your customers. FAQs pages are a must for online stores, too. By visiting them, shoppers save their and your time, as these pages proactively address customer needs by answering questions that are asked repeatedly. FAQs pages are also a perfect place to describe the terms and conditions of your products and/or services. It’s a wise idea to produce a compelling design for this page to encourage customers to spend more time on it.

A return policy page is also vital for an ecommerce store. The store’s page with a clear and well-presented return policy gives shoppers a sense of security. It also shows that your customer service won’t come to an end when the purchase is made, and they’ll continue to benefit from it later on.

Final Thoughts

An outstanding customer service lies at the heart of the successful online business. We’ve discussed some useful tips that can help improve the customer service in Magento. Use them to attract customers to your e-store, increase customer loyalty, and grow your revenue.

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