Checkout Fields Manager for Magento 2

Customize your Magento 2 checkout with extra fields of different types. Gather valuable marketing and client-base data, and use these data to draw conclusions for your business.


How to Add Custom Field to Checkout in Magento 2

Modify your checkout adding any type of fields you want with Checkout Fields Manager by Aitoc. Get a variety of valuable customer insights using the following tactics:

  • Gather extra data at Magento 2 checkout.
  • Ask your customers any question you want.
  • Add new *required fields to the checkout form.
  • View different segments of customers depending on how they answered.

Custom Checkout Fields Benefits

Customizing checkout fields in Magento results in a whole range of essential benefits for any ecommerce business, as it helps store owners to:

Discover a Reliable Customer Data Channel

By adding new fields to the basic checkout form, online retailers get the opportunity to collect necessary customer data directly from the owner. Unlike the information coming from any external sources, this data will be highly reliable and relevant. And, what’s even more important, it won’t require significant efforts, both time and money, to be gathered.

Facilitate Better Decision-making

With trusted customer data at their hands, merchants open up a multitude of opportunities for more effective decisions across different aspects of their business. Information gathered from custom checkout fields can be further analyzed and used as a foundation for new email campaigns, update of pricing and shipping policies, customer segmentation and product positioning, and many others.

Increase Chances of Checkout Completion

The extension provides a great flexibility in adjusting the checkout form to retailers’ needs. There are multiple editing options available, so it is possible to add new fields in a format that will be the most convenient for customers, as well as indicate the truly required fields. This gives prospects the ability to skip additional questions, if they’d like to, making the overall checkout process easier and faster to complete

Checkout Fields Manager for Magento 2 Features

  • Add custom fields to the checkout page in Magento 2.
  • Pick the input type that works for you: Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button.
  • Make your custom fields required, if you wish.
  • Show extra fields in specific Store Views (per Website).
  • Show the information from custom fields in Order details (both for the customer and the admin).
  • Use basic HTML at checkout without creating new fields (for banners, videos, announcements, etc.)
  • Choose the checkout step at which the field(s) appear (before, after, at shipping / payment method step).
  • Compatible with any payment method.

Planned Data Processing Options

  • Add custom fields to the Orders grid (except for the Date field).
  • Filter and sort orders by data in custom fields.
  • Export data from custom fields in the Orders grid to .csv or .xls - along with standard Magento Order export.
  • Export data from selected custom fields matched with Order IDs to .xls.

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We aim to keep our modules regularly updated with new features, bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

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1.0.11 - September 28th 2022

*Fixed issue from moving to payment step from shipping step on checkout when custom fields are available on checkout payment method step

1.0.10 - September 1st 2022

+Added Magento 2.4.4 compatibility

+Added PHP 8.1 compatibility

*Fixed error when running setup:upgrade command on Magento 2.3.x

*Fixed issue with editing checkout field marked as hidden

1.0.9 - April 7th 2022

+Created custom checkout attribute value will now appear in the email.

*Fixed compilation error for Magento 2.3

*Fixed issue with "Edit Cart in Checkout = Yes" functionality

*Fixed issue with editing Additional Information on admin order detail page

1.0.8 - November 24th 2021

*Fixed error "Area code is not set" when running setup:upgrade

*Fixed issue with missing information in order success email template

*Fixed issue with editing Additional Information section on order detail page in admin

*Fixed issue with editing cart on checkout page functionality

1.0.7 - August 7th 2021

+Added compatibility with Magento 2.4

+Added compatibility with PHP 7.4

*Fixed a bug which affected ability to view orders at the front-end and admin panel

1.0.6 - March 24th 2020

*Fixed issue with disappeared checkout fields after unchecking field value

1.0.5 - December 9th 2019

+Improved attribute creation process for Magento 2.3+

1.0.4 - April 9th 2018

+CFM main grid improved.

*Fixed - some magento installations has an error in admin area during invoice or ship

*Fixed - SOAP API error

*Fixed - customer address on the checkout has incorrect view when used composite form fields

*Fixed - view order error

*Fixed - M2.2 Compilation issue

*Fixed - attribute view CE 2.1.9

*Fixed - default labels on Checkbox front-end wasn't shown

*Fixed - unused option 'System' in Checkout Attributes grid

*Fixed - errors during switching-off extension

*Fixed - value validation for checkout fields

*Fixed - extra checkout information is not visible in customer's "My orders"

*Fixed - extra checkout information is not visible in order details for admin

*Fixed - XSS vulnerability

*Fixed - setup:upgrade CE 2.1.9

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Why choose Aitoc?
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22 years old

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