Follow Up Emails for Magento 2

  • Automating emails and taking marketing activities to a higher level
  • Recapturing abandoned carts in one click
  • Stimulating the growth of customer reviews’ number
  • Customized welcome emails and reliable templates
  • Guaranteed transformation of a random shopper into a lifelong client
  • Birthday greeting with special offers
  • Equip URLs with the unique UTM values for Google Analytics

Hyvä compatible

The extension is compatible with the Hyvä theme.


Smart Way to Cover all Email-Marketing Activities With Fully Automated Emails

Follow-Up Emails for Magento 2 is an all-in-one extension with friendly and flexible configuration aimed to improve the email marketing strategy and increase ROI. Fully automated emails allow you to follow up customers and apply smart features – add discounts and coupons, images, purchased products, restore cart links, etc.

Your lost chances will become new opportunities with professional emails that perform from registration to product's checkout.

Follow-Up Emails for Magento 2 includes excellent solutions for remarketing and customer retention. The components are constantly improved: new modules are added, current features are polishing.

There is no need to discover continents and spend money on something extraordinary, as Follow-Up for Magento 2 perfectly covers your email marketing in all areas.

Key Advantages of Magento 2 Follow Up Email extension

Email marketing has become one of the most essential trends in customer acquisition. Follow up email is a convenient means of communication between merchants and customers. The Follow Up Email module provides comprehensive functionality to create targeted custom emails and benefits your business with the following advantages:

Advanced customer engagement

With the assistance of Magento 2 Email extension, you get a set of tools for fostering customer engagement on your online e-commerce site. Apply a custom email template to invite users for registration after subscription, propose a special promo-code to long-time customers who have not been shopping lately or ask for a review.

Increased sales

Automatic email marketing facilitates effective sales boosting. With the help of personalized emails, you have a chance to change customers’ intention to leave your site without a purchase. The extension encourages to complete a registration form or share a reward for certain actions. This boosts conversion rates and results in higher sales and a higher profit margin.

Better understanding the audience
You will be able to offer more and more relevant products to your customers if you know them thoroughly. Understanding their behavior, you will be sure their loyalty is rising that will lead to sales. The Magento 2 Email Marketing extension helps online stores to get relevant personal information from their buyers and use it to personalize their experience, enhancing the product or service.

SendGrid Extension M2 Features

Empower Your Email Marketing Activities

The Follow Up Email Magento 2 extension allows tracking and managing all your marketing emails through the main hub. Generate new templates with modern design that can be used for various industries and test them to define what performs best for your business.

Ready email campaigns and customized templates will accelerate your campaign setup and industry average statistics will demonstrate how you are doing compared to rivals.

Targeted Email Chains to Turn Abandoned Carts in New Purchases

Unfortunately, statistics on abandoned carts is not encouraging. The reasons for abandon can be different: long and confusing checkouts, unexpected costs for shipping, sudden website collapse, competitive prices on other stores, doubts about payment security, etc.

A targeted email chain provided by Follow Up Email for Magento 2 assists you to return customers to their carts. You will be able to speed up their checkout process and increase sales.

  • Set the exact moment when the product cart becomes abandoned to define the best time to email users
  • Propose catchy discounts in emails to inspire them for a purchase
  • Let people recover their carts in just a single click to speed up checkouts painlessly. Easy as pie

Arrange Customized Offers to Strengthen Customers' Intention to Buy

Do not know how to return customers who left back to Checkout without a purchase? Implementing Magento 2 Follow Up functionality, you can easily:

  • Attract their interest with time-limited and beneficial offers.
  • Provide them with personalized discount codes
  • Underline urgency - the situation when discounts are only valid for a few days
  • Exclude out-of-stock items from your emails

Enrich Your Products With Customers Reviews

Reviews do really matter. With the help of Follow Up extension for your Magento 2 store, you can extremely increase the number of clients’ reviews to enhance your store credibility. With the help of the module, you can automatically send of review reminder emails some days after order placement.

  • Motivate your customers to leave feedback about your products
  • Do not forget to include discounts or tempting proposals to boost review numbers
  • Notify buyers when their reviews are published

Let Welcome Emails Guarantee Trust from the First Impression

A personalized welcome email is a powerful "ever of influence". Introduce your brand to your customers and attract their attention with an attentive approach from the start.

Create outstanding welcome emails that actually help customers find relevant products. In addition, propose them to find useful links right from the get-go.

Take part in the happiest moments of your customers

Your careful attitude is the key to successful cooperation with clients.

  • Celebrate your customers’ birthdays with them and wish them all the best
  • Use this excellent opportunity to send your buyers a special offer they will not pass up
  • Use advantages personalized emails to offer exclusive and time-limited deals and highlight how much you value their trust
  • Apply your own cart price rules to special offers and select fix or percentage discount that will be sent to customers

Turn Accidental Shoppers into Life-long Friends

Long-term email campaigns after purchasing are helpful in creating customer loyalty and engagement.

Use the extension to create such smooth campaigns and keep your customers interested and engaged with new opportunities. After all, your thorough efforts and attention to details can exceed their expectations and make them life-long customers.

Return Once Active Customers with Winback Messages

It worth to fight for each user. Magento 2 Follow Up Emails are the best option to remind customers who haven’t visited your site for a while about new opportunities and brilliant products. Additionally, the extension enables you to send win-back messages with exclusive offers and lets your customers appreciate this extra attention. Perhaps, this is just the thing that will drive them to place an order.

  • Do not miss this chance to offer attractive discounts or unique specials
  • Send personalized emails if your buyers have forgotten about your store and have not logged for a while
  • Inspire them with your products updates or ongoing offers they might like
  • Create exclusive promo offers to excite your previous clients.

Customize Order Statuses to Meet Your Business Needs

In order to adapt Magento orders to your business workflows, you can easily manage custom order statuses.

  • Automate settings of email alerts for every status change. It will significantly speed up order processing
  • Customize the order system in your Magento 2 store to speed up picking and packing processes
  • Notify users when the order moves through the system via automated email alerts
  • Use custom templates for each status change. This will clearly inform your buyers about their order progress

1. Centralize all your marketing campaigns in a single management hub

2. View all email-related metrics in a single place

Quick Overview

Start winning more sales with the help of the advanced follow-up marketing system. Apply Follow Up Email for Magento and enjoy higher conversion rates and a higher percentage of referrals.

Let the relationships with your customers be consistent and efficient!

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1.1.5 - September 16th 2022

*Fixed issues with Magento 2.4.4

*Fixed issue with creating new marketing tempplate based on Follow Up Email template

1.1.4 - May 18th 2022

+Improved PHP compatibility with M2.4.4 and above.

1.1.3 - September 16th 2021

*Fixed issue with Add Email option for Abandon Cart and Order Campaign

1.1.2 - June 5th 2021

+Added compatibility with Magento 2.4.x and PHP 7.4

1.1.1 - January 17th 2020

+Add possibility manage campaigns for Welcome Emails rule

*Fixed installation bugs and legacy dependency

*Remove magsuoport from email templates

*Fixed issue related to installation through composer

1.1.0 - November 8th 2019

+Added possibility using Google UTM Metrics in emails

+Added new coupon discount types: Fixed, Percentage, Use Cart Price Rule coupon

+Improved extension usability

*Fixed bug with insert email variables in templates

*Fixed bug with sending test email: autogenerate email directives in emails

1.0.2 - July 9th 2019

*Fixed several critical bugs

*Made code refactoring

1.0.1 - June 21st 2021

+Added compatibility with Magento 2.3.x.

1.0.0 - October 10th 2018

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