The Best Tips to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Right Now

Since smartphones are commonplace in today’s world, more people than ever before use their phones for internet, information, and emails. Companies need to keep the mobile market in mind when creating subject lines, making a user friendly website, and making information easily accessible without a keyboard. This will require changes in your mobile marketing strategy.

While mobile marketing strategies can always receive fine tuning and adjusting, this article will present you with a few ways to improve your strategy immediately. Even if a business optimizes websites or emails for a desktop, those optimizations might not carry over to mobile. By focusing on key points, you can reach out to the mobile market.

Test Your Site on Mobile

A company can quickly improve a website or any other feature by testing it. This involves navigating the site, seeing how it displays, and identifying ways to improve it. By taking the time to view the site as a customer would, you give yourself the chance to identify any problems or issues ahead of time. This will increase the number of people who continue to use your website.

For further improvement, go beyond testing within the company and find people who are willing to test the site for themselves. When people are part of the company, they are familiar with it and will know more than the customers. By having everyday people interact with your website, you can gain ideas, suggestions, and thoughts that your company might not notice on their own. 

A direct test provides you information that you wouldn’t receive otherwise. It will prevent issues that could have been fixed during the testing process and it will make your business look professional. It also shows that you’re mindful of the different ways that people use websites and that you’re mindful of the customers’ concerns. 

Consider Your Mobile Audience When Writing Emails

Many people check their email on their phones, so it makes sense to keep them in mind when you send out an email. Remember that a phone screen is significantly smaller than a desktop, so it can’t display as many characters, especially when a person holds the phone vertically. It’s important to phrase subject lines and preheader text in a way that captures the reader’s attention.

Since mobile devices display less characters than desktops, test your emails out to see how they display on mobile devices. This will show you what the customer will see. You can do the same with preheader text, which appears below the subject line. It displays the first few words of the email, so use this to present something that will attract the customer. 

Improve Your Website’s Speed On Mobile

Time stands as one of the most valuable things people have in life, so if a website wastes their time, they won’t visit  it again. This is why it’s important to make sure that a website is optimized and will run quickly for people. While website speed tests are common for the desktop, having that quick speed is just as important on mobile.

Think with Google allows you to type in your website domain to check the speed of the website. The website informs you how long it takes to load, how it compares on average to other websites, and if there’s been any speed changes within the last month. This provides plenty of information to let you know if you’re improving your website’s speed or if it’s slowing down.

Sometimes companies underestimate the importance of website speed. If it takes too long, people will go back and look for a different website. By improving the speed of your website, you will also improve your website’s retention rate.

Improve Your Local Market Outreach

People will use Google to search for things such as “restaurants near me” if they want to eat somewhere but they don’t know where. By having your business appear in these “near me” searches, you expand your local marketing. This is a common tactic to increase local business, as people who live near your business are more likely to visit your store. 

You can adjust your current SEO to include information or places that are near your business. By including keywords of nearby streets, parks, or other local information, you can improve your local market SEO. Also look to include your business' contact information online to make it easily accessible and usable for mobile phone users. 

Keep These Tips in Mind

When it comes to mobile marketing, small optimizations and improvements will lead to large results. The simple act of adjusting subject lines to all fit on a screen on a mobile email does wonders just as improving your website speed for mobile devices also improves your mobile marketing. It makes things easier and more manageable for customers, which they will appreciate.

By keeping customers in mind and the devices that they use, you can improve your business’ online presence and reach out to more people. Customers recognize professionalism in a business, so if you can show your professionalism through your online resources, people will want to support it and buy products from it. 

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