Aitoc is happy to release a new extension to boost customer loyalty and incentivize users to buy more from your store

New Extension Release: Loyalty Program for Magento 2

This day has come. We’ve seen your interest in Loyalty Program extension for M1 and decided it’s high time to make a brand new solution for Magento 2 users. And what better way to get ready to offer awesome rewards and deals to your customers than the fast approach of autumn and winter holidays! We are also excited to tell you that Loyalty Program for M2 is designed completely from the ground-up. You get all the benefits of Magento 2 fast and secure architecture while keeping the key features of its Magento 1 predecessor.   Inform Users About Your Loyalty…

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Aitoc Monthly Update

Aitoc Monthly Update: August

What’s new in August The summer has passed by, leaving us full of energy and enthusiasm for further achievements. To wrap up the season, we take a look at the new Magento releases and updates introduced in August. So have you been following our blog recently? We did have some exciting announcements to share last month. Let us give you a short overview of those, in case you’ve missed the news. NEW EXTENSION CopPay Payment Gateway for Magento 2 We could not stay away from the crypto trend! Thus, we have collaborated with CopPay, a cryptocurrency payment platform, and built…

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Bubblebubs Modern Cloth Nappies blog cover

Guarding Baby Sleep: Aitoc Team Received Bubblebubs Nappies!

We are always excited to have an awesome relationship with our customers. It’s great to see them move forward and succeed! Vicki Simpson, our long-term customer and the founder of Bubblebubs modern cloth nappies, sent us a set of her highly acclaimed nappies. Here They Are! Yep. They are really as soft and nice to the touch as Bubblebubs claims! Our married team members were of course truly excited. 🙂 We’ve made this journey together with Bubblebubs, and we are grateful for this. Working on the store has been an exciting experience for us as a team, we enjoyed helping…

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Give an Ecommerce Referral Program a Go: Best Tips to Succeed

Marketing tools for ecommerce businesses come in multiple forms, ranging from PPC ads and email to retargeting and social media. However, hardly any one of them can beat an effective referral program. We all know, that there is no better ambassador for a brand than a happy customer. In today’s world, where customers are constantly attacked with ads and product placement, the word-of-mouth is, probably, the only way for people to squeeze valuable information out of the noise and spend their money on the products and services they will be most likely satisfied with. The Power of Referrals Companies that…

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How to Make Your Product Page More Informative

Improving product pages to make your store irresistibly attractive What makes a great online store? There are multiple answers to this question. A wide range of products and services,  an excellent site design, an outstanding customer service, and many more. But paying attention to the website as a whole, e-merchants often skimp on what is no less important – product pages content. Online stores spend much time adding numerous products to the catalog and optimizing product pages for SEO, to eventually achieve nothing when potential customers land on a product page. There’s one reason for that: users don’t find what…

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Receive Altcoins or fiat money in your store

New Extension Release: CopPay Payment Gateway for Magento 2

Aitoc team has been passionately working on integrating a rapidly growing cryptocoin gateway to the Magento 2 ecosystem. We’ve developed CopPay integration solution for Magento 2 in close collaboration with CopPay team. This brand new extension is completely free and is compatible with all Magento Community versions starting from 2.1.x and higher. With its help you can accept cryptocurrencies in your store completely free. Choose whether to receive crypto coins or auto-convert them to fiat money. With CopPay you can receive 9 most popular cryptocurrencies in your store including: Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Dash Nem Steem Steem-dollars Bitcoin Cash. The…

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5 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Get closer to your customers by putting email marketing personalization to use The early days of the Internet when one-size-fits messaging worked passed long ago. Today, marketers have to work hard to create relevant and personalized content that speaks to unique needs of customers, offering them only those products and services that add value to their lives. Truly personalized emails catch the recipient’s attention from the very first second when he or she sees it in the email box. But how can one achieve ‘personal’ email marketing to get more opens and clicks? In this article, we’ll cover some basic…

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Magento Pricing: How Much Does It Cost to Run a Magento Store?

So, what’s the price of a Magento-based website? There are multiple aspects to take care of when starting a new online business. Setting up an effective supply chain, choosing reliable partners and contractors, deciding on the product assortment, establishing a great delivery service… The list seems to be endless. However, the budget is the most important concern for any new business owner. How much will it cost to kick start my Magento project? – That’s the very first question our clients approach us with. Providing a precise estimate of Magento implementation costs is not a simple task, as there are…

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Learn whether you should start selling on social networks

How to Boost Your Sales With the Help of Social Networks

Social media is one of the most complex sales channels. Everyone knows there’s a lot of potential in social selling. But making use of all these untapped possibilities is hard. And before we move on to the practical part of the guide, let’s discuss why it is so challenging to use social media to sell. Why It’s Hard to Sell on Social Media? Selling on social media is not straightforward. It’s like playing on Hard mode. Why? Because people come to their favorite social media site to relax, unwind, and socialize. They have a completely different mood than when they…

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How to Configure Currencies in Magento 2

Enable multiple Magento 2 currencies to improve customer loyalty E-stores do their best to satisfy the needs of their customers to the largest extent, and those based on Magento are no exception. Enabling payments is different currencies is a great way to speed up decision making and improve the overall usability of a given store as seeing prices in their the currencies they are used to, shoppers will place an order times faster. In Magento, store admins can manage currencies and their rates right in the Admin panel with almost no effort. We are going to get down to the…

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