Tutorial: How to Add New Payment Gateways in Magento 2

Introduce higher payment flexibility with new Magento payment gateways First released to the public in 2018, Magento has become one of the most extensively used ecommerce platforms. Approximately 240,000 websites run on a Magento edition today. Many e-merchants switch to Magento 2, as developers made multiple improvements compared to Magento 1: a new admin panel interface, streamlined checkout, performance enhancements, etc. Being extremely flexible, Magento is compatible with many payment gateways that enable online payment processing. Some renowned payment integrations are available out-of-the-box. But smart e-retailers introduce alternative payment gateways since shoppers expect multiple online payment options. In this article,…

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Magento Mobile

5 Reasons Why Your Magento Store Should Embrace Mobile in 2018

Divya Dube

Technological advancements have reshaped the online stores and given a new dimension to the ecommerce industry. Businesses are becoming more customer-centric and the urge to grab the customers’ attention is forcing them to become ‘omnichannel retailers’. Whether it’s a physical store, an online store or social media – the idea is to provide a consistent shopping experience for the customers at every touchpoint, while generating maximum sales. The recent years have also witnessed a shift from ecommerce to mobile commerce. Mobile devices tend to offer a seamless access to brands and businesses worldwide. They are even viewed as the catalyst…

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Improve Magento Performance

6 Easy Steps to Boost Magento Performance

Make your Magento store speed up! With the rapid-pace evolution of technology, online purchasing has become the preferred way of shopping for the majority of buyers. But even though ecommerce owners strain every sinew to decrease page loading times, ensuring high and stable website performance remains a challenging task. Web performance has a crucial impact on numerous aspects, including customer satisfaction, conversion rates, search engine rankings, and, consequently, the bottom line. It’s as plain as the daylight that clients will not shop from a buggy and slow web store. According to statistics, 47% of online shoppers expect a web page…

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Magento Smart Reports

Magento Reports: How to Get Actionable Insights for Your Store

Well-informed decision-making achieved with Magento Smart Reports In today’s constantly evolving world making fast business decisions is crucial for any company to flourish. This is especially relevant for the ecommerce field. Since online shopping has become as popular as never before, the amount of data ecommerce owners have to handle is growing exponentially. Be it order details, personal customer information or sales volume – any information should be accurately processed and analyzed to bring the most value to its owner. With structured information at their fingertips, online retailers get to know their customers and products better. Besides, they can clearly…

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New Release: Two-Factor Authentication for Magento 2

Add a second layer of security to the Magento Admin panel with Two-Factor Authentication, a new Magento 2 extension by Aitoc. Cybercriminals apply different tactics like brute force attacks and phishing to gain access to sensitive customer and corporate data available. According to a recent study, account takeover represents the fastest growing threat in the ecommerce space. Having unique and complex passwords is now not enough anymore to secure the admin panel against unwanted intruders. We have a great solution for you. Aitoc has developed Two-Factor Authentication, a Magento 2 extension, that will become a guardian of your Magento-driven website….

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Magento E-mail Marketing: How to Launch a Successful Campaign

The ultimate guide to an effective Magento e-mail marketing campaign In today’s increasingly complex business environment where businesses are in an ongoing battle for new customers, smart practitioners focus on keeping current clients. And this tactic works: those who retain existing customers are in a more favorable position than others that tighten their belts because they’ve spent too much marketing dollars attracting potential clients. E-commerce counts among the most competitive industries, and e-businesses are in an endless search for revenue streams. However, many e-stores overlook opportunities offered by e-mail marketing, though it’s a winning way to turn prospective leads into customers….

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Magento 2 Product Reviews & Ratings: Extension Overview

Magento 2 Product Reviews & Ratings – a must-have tool for your SEO A successful SEO strategy is essential for maximizing the e-store’s profitability, as it helps the website to get to the top of Google and other search engines. There are different tricks of boosting ecommerce sites’ SEO, and product reviews count among the most popular practices. Here is how product reviews maximize sites’ SEO efforts: Improving the site’s rankings in SERPs by delivery of fresh and unique user-generated content. Search engine spiders like when websites update their content regularly and products reviews are a great way of doing this….

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2017’s Best Christmas-Themed Magento Stores

The last month of the year is an extremely busy time for ecommerce stores. There are many different ways to convince clients to buy during holidays: discounts, special offers (e.g., free delivery), seasonal collections, gift guides, Christmas gift registries, and so on. As shoppers are full of the holiday spirit, smart merchants don’t turn their stores into a Christmas-free zone. To delight customers, retailers adorn their websites with traditional colors (mainly red and green) and install different themes to change the entire look of a website. Some stores launch special Christmas-themed landing pages to generate traffic to the website during…

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Winter Sale is On! Use our Coupon Code to Get a Discount

Grab your coupon code right now! The Holidays are almost here, and it’s the perfect time for you to receive your Christmas gift from us. Aitoc has launched a winter sale on all the Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions available in its store: Custom Product Designer, Dimensional Shipping, Product Units and Quantities, Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro, Multi-Location Inventory, and others. Enter the discount code ‘HappySanta’ at checkout and get 20% off any order.  Want to save even more? Subscribe to our Newsletter and enjoy a larger discount! Hurry up – the sale will end on December 31, 2017.

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How to Create Gift Registries in Magento

Let your customers take advantage of Magento Gift Registry to compile gift lists for different events As Christmas approaches, people are desperately searching for perfect gifts for their relatives, friends, and colleagues. Consumers surf the Internet in an attempt to find the ultimate Christmas gift list for anyone. Still, such a list can be of little help since tastes differ. Magento retailers can assist their customers in solving this problem. Gift Registry, a Magento 1 extension, allows shoppers to create multiple gift registries and share them with others to eliminate the exhausting guesswork. This tutorial describes how the module works…

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