Aitoc Blockchain ecommerce

Blockchain Technology in Ecommerce: Common Use Cases

Top blockchain application areas to help online retailers grow There is hardly a person who hasn’t heard of the blockchain yet. Today this cutting-edge technology is actively used across a variety of domains, ranging from finance and banking to healthcare and government. With $945 million spent on this decentralized technology in 2017, the worldwide blockchain spending is expected to reach $2.1 billion in 2018 according to the industry predictions. A highly secure technology like blockchain is especially relevant now, when the new data protection legislation, GDPR, is coming into effect in just a couple of weeks. Blockchain has found multiple…

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Creating a Product Landing Page that Converts: Top Tips and Best Examples

Craft an effective product landing page to skyrocket your sales More and more people are choosing online shopping as a more convenient and time-saving way to get their hands on the desired products. Though the number of online shoppers is constantly growing, the competition among ecommerce businesses is not becoming less intense. Vice versa, hundreds of online stores are launched each month, as their owners are desperately trying to jump on the bandwagon. To stay competitive in the marketplace and not to lag behind others, ecommerce store owners have started to adopt different tactics to improve conversion rates, creating landing…

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Commerce augmented reality

How Augmented Reality Helps Ecommerce Stores Sell More

The digital era has opened up an array of new opportunities for merchants to attract buyers and retain the existing ones. In today’s fierce market, only those e-retailers who continuously explore modern technologies get a chance to outpace competitors and win the battle for customer loyalty. Augmented reality is definitely one of the most promising technologies revolutionizing the ecommerce field today. Over the last few years, the popularity of AR/VR technologies has been growing steadily. Having reached 9.4 billion dollars in 2017, the combined AR/VR market is expected to hit 215 billion dollars by 2021. Tech-savvy retailers and ecommerce business owners leverage augmented reality…

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Best Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement on Your Ecommerce Website

Fuel customer engagement to turn clients into your brand advocates With the intensifying competition in the ecommerce field, business owners strive to stay afloat. Attracting visitors to the online store is only the first step towards turning a shopper into a real customer. Forward-thinking ecommerce store owners understand the importance of customer engagement and explore all avenues to boost it. Unlike shoppers, customers who are truly engaged with the brand become its enthusiastic advocates. In this article, we’re going to share with you some great strategies for increasing customer engagement on an ecommerce website. Focus on User Experience A great user…

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How to Delete Order Records in Magento 2

Delete orders from the Magento grid in a few easy steps with the Magento 2 Delete Orders extension Magento is a great ecommerce platform that is able to satisfy needs of almost any e-business. Multiple renowned companies across the world, including Nike, Ford, and Lenovo use it. Magento-driven businesses rave about high performance, flexibility, and SEO-friendliness of the platform, among other things. But there is no such thing as perfection, so Magento has its own drawbacks (minor ones, to be precise). And the absence of the order delete functionality in the Admin panel is one of them. Luckily, there are…

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Magento Security: Understanding Different Methods of User Authentication

What authentication option is able to address Magento security concerns better? In the recent years, cybersecurity has become a burning issue for both individuals and businesses. As the technology evolves, private and confidential data records are transferred to cloud storages, networks, and other virtual instances. Companies spend billions of dollars on implementing security systems and practices to protect this information from criminals. However, the risk of data breaches is still on the agenda for almost every industry: from finance and healthcare to retail and ecommerce. Though the number of data breaches tends to decrease, over 80% of retail businesses consider…

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Aitoc MAgento 2 Delete Orders

Delete/Archive Orders for Magento 2: New Extension Release from Aitoc

Do your order grid up with Magento 2 Delete/Archive Orders Aitoc’s new Magento extension wasn’t long in coming! Delete/Archive Orders for Magento 2 is a handy tool designed to assist admins in keeping orders and related sales documents well-organized. The solution allows deleting or archiving irrelevant or unnecessary orders, still preserving the opportunity to restore them when needed. With the help of Magento 2 Delete/Archive Orders you will be able to: Easily remove orders from the orders grid, page views or customer accounts Delete individual orders or remove all of them simultaneously Clean up corresponding order-related documents, including invoices, shipments,…

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5 Essentials of a Revenue-Generating Magento SEO Strategy

Make your Magento SEO endeavors successful with five helpful tips In today’s digital world where consumers are increasingly glued to Internet-connected devices, online shopping is extremely popular. Ecommerce sites do their best to get a higher position on a search results page than their competitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) is what helps them to boost web stores’ visibility in search engines and tempt potential clients to visit the website and make a purchase. Being a very flexible ecommerce platform, Magento can be customized to address businesses’ needs, including SEO optimization. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips for…

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A Step-by-step Guide to the Magento Business Card Design Tool

Facilitate business networking opportunities with the Magento business card design tool In the digital age, business cards may seem to be a thing of the past, as there are multiple social media marketing tactics that can be used to spread the word. But they are still beneficial in many ways. For instance, business cards can assist you in direct marketing endeavors at trade shows, conferences, and other events, help you make a great first impression on potential customers and increase brand awareness and recognition, etc. Designers working for e-stores that specialize in selling business cards do their best to develop…

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Aitoc Magento Updates

Aitoc Monthly Update: March

What’s new in March Hello everyone! We are back with our regular Monthly Updates post. March has been a great month! Not only have we introduced critical enhancements to a number of our existing modules, but also released a brand new one! Missed the news? Then keep on reading to catch up. Custom Order Number Pro for Magento 2 Released Mar 22, 2018 (Ver. 1.0.0) New Release! A convenient extension allowing Magento admins to easily set up custom ID numbers for orders and other sales documents. With this extension, establishing a more effective document numbering practice at your store will…

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