September at Aitoc: New Extensions, Updates and More

Hello there!
We've been extremely busy in September to share with you guys a couple of great news and updates.
First, let us introduce our new Magento 2 extensions:
Store Credit for Magento 2 — the all-in-one solution to implement the reward policy into your e-commerce store.
Extra Fee for Magento 2 — the best choice for store owners to provide customers with the useful extra services.
And that's not all! In September we updated a number of Magento 2 extensions with new features and technical fixes. Below you can find the full list of updated modules:
Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 now has the compatibility with the Grouped and Configurable products, as well as the functionality to fit the required width and height.
Dimensional Shipping for Magento 2 acquired the advanced settings for multipackage processing and the usage of the billable weight.
Advanced Permissions for Magento 2 can help you with even more role-based restrictions for the better control of the store.
Pre-Order for Magento 2 got several important features:
  • 2 extension modes: prepayment or subscription for notification
  • the feature to set the product quantity in the pre-order status
Orders Export and Import for Magento 2 received a lot of fixes for better stability and performance.
And ONE more thing! We've launched a new reward program that should help all customers to buy more and receive store credits back for the next purchases. Go take a look at your account, we're sure you will find a sweet surprise there!
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