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Full Page Cache Warmer


Our Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2 allows easy automating the cache warming and making it invisible for customers. This extension will help you to attract more visitors to your online store, increase conversion, and get better results in Google ranking.

Key features:

  • Optimised server resources’ usage
  • Fast crawling of most popular pages
  • Automating the cache warming process
  • Auto-updating the cache after any catalog change
  • Analysing the cache warmer efficiency with convenient reports
  • Background mode
  • Helpful live charts to check the progress

Find out how to install the Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2 via Composer.


All Aitoc extensions can be customised to fit particular business needs. If you have questions about any customization, please drop a message at [email protected]


Full Page Cache Warmer module is compatible with the following Magento platforms:

Community Edition (Open Source) Enterprise Edition (Commerce) Cloud Edition
2.3.0 - 2.4.* 2.3.0 - 2.4.* 2.3.0 - 2.4.*



To get started, go to STORES → CONFIGURATION → AITOC EXTENSIONS → CACHE WARMER → GENERAL to configure the extension.

Here you'll find 3 pie-charts for you to track the Cache Warming process (Warmer Speed/Current CPU Load/Warmer Progress).

1) The first chart displays the current cache warming speed if it's running at the moment.

2) The second pie-chart allows you to check the current CPU load.

3) The third pie-chart reflects a percentage of store pages that have been recently warmed. By default, the cache is warmed daily at night (at 2:00 AM).

Please choose 'Yes' to enable the extension:

Also, the 'Acceptable CPU Load, %' feature makes your store a more stable place.

Crawler Priorities

In this section, you can Enable/Disable crawling for the entities. Drag and drop to change the priorities - the higher an option, the more top its priority.

You can set a priority for the current store. Some stores are more important than others, and that's why our extension allows you to change store priorities.

Run Crawler For:

  • Page Type(s)
  • Currency(-ies)
  • Customer Group(s)
  • Protocol(s)


As for this group of options, they give the ability to fine-tune the module.

Field Specification
User Agents Used for Crawling Pages If your store uses user-agent detection to redirect customers to the mobile version, then you can use this option to cache pages for mobile users:
Source of Page URLs By default, the module uses a product database to get a list of the pages for crawling. But we have also added an option to use XML Sitemap instead of the database, if necessary:
Use Only Short Product URLs The trick is that and are different pages for Magento FPC. If the option enabled, our extension will crawl both short and long URLs.
Enable Crawler Logging You can analyze the Cache Crawler log to monitor its work. In the log file, you will have details on Cache Warmer processes, CPU load and the quantity of crawling threads.


The 'Add Urls To Queue' button allows adding pages to the queue now if necessary. Cache Warmer uses cron to add pages to the queue automatically.

Additional Information

And finally, here you can find more details and statistics:


After configuring, don't forget to click on