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Google Page Speed Optimization


With Magento 2 Google Page Speed Optimization, you’ll speed up page load and improve reports in Google PageSpeed Insight. Our Speed Optimization Extension makes a store performance-friendly both for search engines and users.

Key features:

  • Get to the top of Google ranking
  • Optimise your product images without loss of quality
  • Make your code clear
  • Automatically improve your website performance

Find out how to install the Google Page Speed Optimization for Magento 2 via Composer.


All Aitoc extensions can be customised to fit particular business needs. If you have questions about any customization, please drop a message at [email protected]


Google Page Speed Optimization module is compatible with the following Magento platforms:

Community Edition (Open Source) Enterprise Edition (Commerce) Cloud Edition
2.3.0 - 2.4.* 2.3.0 - 2.4.* 2.3.0 - 2.4.*


This extension is used to optimize Javascript, CSS and HTML content on Magento 2 stores.


General Settings

Here set to 'Yes' to enable the extension quickly.

JS Settings

In this section, you can change settings of Javascript files optimization.

Field Specification
Enabled To run the optimization, set the JS option to Enabled.
Merge JavaScript files It reduces the number of requests to a server and thereby improves page speed.
Merge inline scripts Inline scripts are those that are described inside HTML.
Enable compression Enable this option to minify Javascript content. Minification means that all space symbols, line breaks, tabulation and comments will be eliminated, as a browser does not need them to recognize the code. The compressed file will obviously have a smaller size and load faster.
Inline small JS It’s better to insert content of small CSS/JS files right into HTML document.
Defer parsing of JS Google PageSpeed service recommends moving declaration of JS/CSS to the end of the body, which is called Defer Parsing of Javascript. As a result, a user will see page content faster.

CSS Settings

This step has similar options to the "JavaScript Settings" section.

HTML Settings

Performance Optimization Tool has a feature of HTML minification.

Set to 'Yes' to enable the compression.

Image Settings

Please, note in these settings the 'Lazy Load' field. This technology allows holding over image loading until a user scrolls to a certain image. It improves overall page performance, which works for long pages and catalogues.

Advanced Settings

Here you can change advanced settings of the extension.

Field Specification
Cache Folder Permission / Cache File Permission By default, minified assets are creating under 777 permissions (allowed to read, write or execute by everyone). These permissions could be set more strict via these options.
Ignore scripts/styles with the following text inside It could be used for example, for analytics js files, not to move them to the page bottom.
Max size of image to insert into CSS It's an advanced setup for "Inline images into CSS files", which restrict to insert big files.

Cache Management

You can control cache Size or Status from this menu.