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Microsoft Clarity


  • Unzip and paste the extension file into your root Magento folder.
  • Connect to your server by SSH.
  • Go to your Magento root folder.
  • To install the extension, perform this command:
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • To switch the extension on/off, perform these commands:
php bin/magento module:enable Aitoc_MicrosoftClarity
php bin/magento module:disable Aitoc_MicrosoftClarity

You can activate/deactivate several Aitoc extensions at once by specifying their names separated by space in the command.


Microsoft Clarity is a free user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website through session replays and heatmaps. It records the information about the visitors of your website, track how user behaves and provides you analytical data.

Aitoc Microsoft Clarity module allows you to integrate the Microsoft Clarity script into your website on every single page so the activity of your site's visitor's on all the pages will be tracked.

Microsoft Clarity Account

To have module enabled and working on your website, first you will need visit Microsoft Clarity and Signup to create your account.

Once the account created and you are logged into your account, it will ask you to Add new Project.

Name: Name of your Project

Website: You website URL where you want to integrate and enable Microsoft Clarity.

Site Category: Select the category of your site from Drop-down. For ex: If you are having eCommerce Store, then select E-Commerce from Dropdown.

Once you have entered all the details, click on Create button.

Microsoft Clarity Tracking Code

Once you have created new project, from your Project Dashboard, select the Setup tab. In Setup tab, you will find Clarity tracking code and below that the script will be available which we need.

From the script, we only need the tracking code to configure and enable Microsoft Clarity on your Magento website. Below is the example how you can find your tracking code:


<script type="text/javascript">
    })(window, document, "clarity", "script", "8hd0n4mgkd");
You tracking code = 8hd0n4mgkd

Above is just an example to show you where you can find the Tracking Code from script available in your Microsoft Clarity Account.

Config settings

Path: Stores → Configuration → AITOC EXTENSION → Microsoft Clarity


Path: Admin → AITOC → Microsoft Clarity → Configuration

Enabled: Yes/No - Sets wheather the module is enabled or disabled.

Tracking Code: Text - Please enter your Microsoft Clarity tracking code here.

How the module works

Once you have added Tracking Code, the Microsoft Clarity Script will start to appear on front-end on each page. You can view this in Page Source or in Browser Inspec Element

Also, In your Microsoft Clarity Account, under the project you have created, you will start to see analytics details based on visitor's activity on your site. You can see this in:

Log in Your Microsoft Clarity Account → Select your Project → Dashboard & Recording


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