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Google Address Autocomplete


Our Google Address Autocomplete for Magento 2 implements Google Places API functionality in Magento 2. The simpler the checkout process is, the faster it will be. This extension will decrease the bounce rate at checkout.

Key features:

  • Autocomplete of address fields at checkout
  • Auto filling of address fields in a customer account
  • Autocomplete of address fields in a new order in the admin panel
  • Auto filling of customer addresses in the admin panel
  • Possibility of automatic address recognition by geolocation
  • Possibility of address suggestion only for a specific country

Find out how to install the Google Address Autocomplete for Magento 2 via Composer.


All Aitoc extensions can be customized to fit particular business needs. If you have questions about any customization, please drop a message at [email protected]


The Autocomplete address does not work when trying to add new address for customer from Admin. This is because when trying to add new address for customer from admin, the Country is not selected. The country has to be selected for having Autocomplete address functionality work. This is bug of Magento. More details can be find on:



To get started, go to Stores → Configuration → AITOC EXTENSIONS → Address Autocomplete → General OR AITOC → Aitoc → Address Autocomplete → Configuration to configure the extension.

Here you can Enable/Disable the module.

Google Places API Settings

The Places API lets you search for place information using a variety of categories, including geographic locations.

Field Specification
API Key Get the API key. The API key is a unique identifier that is used to authenticate requests associated with your project for usage and billing purposes.
Hide "Powered by Google" logo Select 'No' to show "Powered by Google" logo.
Use browser geolocation Bias the autocomplete object to the user's geographical location, as supplied by the browser's 'navigator.geolocation' object.
Use country restriction Component restrictions are used to restrict predictions to only those within the parent component. E.g., the country.

Address Component Configuration

In this section, you can find GeocoderAddressComponent object specification. Click on it to to open in a new tab.

Please select 'Yes/No' from our dropdown menu in the 'Is Street Name and Street Number Combined' field.

Also, you're able to set the 'Long/Short Name' option for Street, Region, Postcode, City fields.


After configuring, don't forget to click on


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